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New Agency

It’s time to go out on your own. Don’t share your revenue with a franchise. We’ll guide you through the process to end up with a profitable search firm.

Sourcing Training

Struggling to find qualified candidates? Find almost everyone, almost everywhere, and decrease your sourcing time by 80% or more. Tool included.

Group Coaching

Not ready to take the plunge into Private Coaching? Start with a Group Coaching program to support you in your recruiting evolution.

AI for Recruiters

Use AI to make more placements. Techniques from basic to absolute genius, learn it all. 15 years ago we made Sourcing easy, now we’re doing the same with AI.

Private Coaching

World-class athletes and Fortune 500 CEOs have coaches. It’s how they push past the competition. Why don’t you? See if you qualify for Private Coaching.

Sales Training

Learn our proven approach to identify, engage, and negotiate terms with new clients. Sell engaged and retained search for premium fees.

Course Catalog

If you’re looking to solve an isolated issue, or don’t have time for an exhaustive program, explore our different on-demand options for single courses. 

Free Training

Twice a year, Jason and Tricia host 4 hours of free training for the recruiting industry. You bring the questions, and they provide their best practices.

Meet Jason & Tricia

Jason Thibeault, Superhero

Jason has a degree in Philosophy, was a Captain in Air Force Space Command, Plant Manager, then rock star Headhunter. Also a published author, a black belt martial artist, and former chess champ who likes to cook and tinker – his curiosity into all things lets him see the big picture.  Using all that to help others, he has built a reputation as one of the most truly gifted coaches and trainers in the country. His specialty is getting into the minds of people and unlocking the big picture, clearing the next obstacle.  Sherlock Holmes has his face on a dart board, and James Bond was heard to remark, “I ordered shaken, not nerd.” Learn more

Tricia Tamkin, Gladiator

Her very name conjures mystery. You’ve probably heard of her. She’s well known in the recruiting world, has spoken at over 50 events, and quoted in multiple magazines, trade journals and her name is dropped on recruiting boards often.  Tricia has started eight successful companies, one of which she has been running since phones had cords. Her deep experience in business over the last 30 years enables her to see the big picture for virtually anyone’s needs. She offers counsel in a way which is perspective changing and entertaining. Always focused on your results., your success lights her up! Learn more

Enthusiastic Love From Past Clients

William Irwin

President, Marshall Vox

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Whitney Brooks

President, Unmanned Power

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Stacey McCreery

President, ROI Search Group

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Mark Timler
Polymer Specialties Inc.
“I signed up for four weeks of More Essentials’ Client Cornucopia to improve my skills in business development and client acquisition. I found it sufficiently helpful and there was so much to learn that I signed up for a full year of access to Client Cornucopia. I found it helpful both for the content it provided and for the camaraderie with other recruiters. It challenges you in new and old areas to do what you need to do to be at your best as a recruiter. I heartily recommend it.”

Barbara Clayton
The Clayton Company
“Tricia is a master at all she does. I would highly recommend her as a trainer or a coach. In less than 4 days on the phones during and after my first 5 training sessions, I have 4 meetings set up. She has helped me rethink my business and expand my regional strategy. She has made me feel rejuvenated and energized.”

Julie Teixeira
ROI Search Group
“Tricia's class was amazing. The tools and techniques I was taught during her sessions allowed me to substantially increase the number of meetings and clients in a short period of time. Today, approximately one month after the start of training, I have scheduled dozens of meetings and have two new clients. I am getting meetings I did not get before which I attribute to the direct methods Tricia teaches for email and phone calls. These methods get results!”

Selecting a Recruiting Trainer

Choosing the Right Recruiter Coaching & Training Program for Your Needs

Let’s face it, recruiting is hard. Even if you discount the people who fully quit their job within the first year (some say as many as 90% do), one in four recruiters leaves the profession each year. Permanently. Whether you’re a small firm owner or running a talent acquisition department, it’s essential to invest in the right program to help your team excel in this often-difficult profession. With numerous options available, it can be challenging to choose the one which best suits your unique needs. Let us help guide you step-by-step in selecting the ideal recruiter training program, ensuring your time and investment are well spent with the proper mentoring. 

Core Components of Quality Recruitment Training Programs

Recruiter training programs generally encompass an array of topics such as recruitment strategies, interview techniques, talent acquisition, leadership, and Human Resources (HR) management/avoidance. These programs can be delivered through webinars, video sessions, on-demand courses, or live in-person training. Moore eSSentials includes all of this, in all these formats, and more. (We’re all about more.)

We find early training programs are often focused on the trainers’ success, not necessarily the needs of someone learning to be a better at recruiting. We include professionalism, business etiquette and ethics, structural definitions, and foundations about the recruiting industry. We give you scripts and script delivery techniques. In short, we give people the tools needed to be successful headhunters.

Freshness of The Program Content

Are you up to date on your training? Just as importantly, is your trainer and their training up to date? You or your staff may have finished a certification program for professional development, but is it up to date?  We stay updated on the latest recruitment trends, technologies, and best practices. People and technology changes make this a profession that fails if you stagnate. With private and group coaching programs, we’re deeply involved in the dynamic landscape of recruiting daily. If you are an employee or looking for a Recruiter job,  your employer will love you, and so will your resume. 

Because of this, our programs are constantly evolving. Taking an identical program twice in a year still means new content- so we update our “recorded” on-demand content just as often. Artificial Intelligence is upon us like the first snow of winter, with 300 million jobs expected to be impacted. We’ve been on top of it since 2020. While some trainers talk about the same things year after year, we teach you what works now, and continually adjust to market conditions.

Advantages of Training Programs For Recruiters

Elephant in the room; as the best-reviewed trainers in the recruiting industry, we’re biased. You don’t have to go get a fancy certification, but we want you to invest in training… even if it’s not ours. For employees, completing a training program enhances their expertise and skills, giving them a competitive edge. For employers, training employees can refine their organization’s recruitment strategies and boost their placement rate. Training promotes employee retention by offering career development opportunities and by nurturing a learning culture. On a personal note, bad recruiters make all of us look bad, which in turn makes the work harder on all of us. 

That’s a bunch of reasons to invest in any training.

Criteria for Evaluating Training Programs Aimed At Recruitment Professionals

When searching for a recruiter training program, consider the following factors:

Cost. Of course, you want something which aligns with your budget. There’s a lot more to it. There’s free training on YouTube, all the way to custom-built solutions in your exact industry. We’re leading with this because we are not your cheapest option. Unless you consider our recurring Random Act of Kindness Fridays, where we’ll help with any problem in the recruiting industry. Always Free.

ROI. Reframe in terms of Return on Investment. It’s your money, what are you getting from it? Check the reviews of any firm you’re considering for terms like “return on investment” and “wish I did this sooner.”  We’re not just saying that because you’ll hear it from our clients…

Topics. Choose a program providing a comprehensive overview of recruitment strategies, professionalism, candidate management, onboarding, and all of the relevant topics to your organization. Trainers love to train, so call and ask if you don’t know if something you need is covered. Tricia answers her phone – 630.240.4454

Delivery Format. From online training to on-stage, live webinars, microlearning, and on-demand courses, you have a lot of options with how you want your team to learn. We know different people learn in different ways. Ensure you consider what’s going to work best for your recruiters. By the way, we do it all.

Mutual Feedback. Look for programs which offer feedback on your progress and some way to help you improve. Without knowing what you are doing right (and wrong) a trainer’s library of knowledge is just that – a room of books. That kind of teaching is easy and unaccountable. Think of reading “How to Make $25K a Day” and nothing in the book works. Is it you? Or was the book nonsense spit out by an imposter? A trainer should be able to help you through if it’s you… and the testimonials from past students should tell you if the training works. That’s the “mutual” part of the feedback!

Interactivity. How much interaction with a coach or trainer do you need to successfully implement? For some people, that’s a monthly check in. Others feel more comfortable with weekly interactions, (so your coach has deep knowledge of the interior of your deals), and on-call emergency assistance. Decide what you need and evaluate if it’s working along the way. Is your training adaptable to your needs?

Support. For some people, education support means workbooks and an easy step-by-step guide to success – maybe with video. Others want long-term access to be able to go back and get answers from the same trainers who coached them to success. We’ve got you covered at all ends of the spectrum. You will receive guidance, tips, and the best advice that we are able to give.   We call it unlimited support.

Values & Alignment. There are great trainers who match your values. Great coaches with whom you will feel aligned give you the motivation and inspiration to be your best. Certainly, as recruiters, we know that not everyone is a “fit.” While we do believe there are many correct ways to do this industry, you’ll likely find your best – and happiest – success using techniques from people who you feel are a great “fit.” For you.

Your Time. Perhaps the biggest investment of all. Are you retraining or losing poorly trained recruiters, then hiring again? The interview process to find a new candidate can be tiring.  Your hours have real value, and while you can make more money, you simply can’t make more time. *Except through diet and exercise, where not limited by Acts of God.

Investing in a recruiter training program is a big decision. There’s a lot of reasons to choose Moore eSSentials.

Featured Programs

Find More Candidates

eSourcing eSSentials Live!

eSourcing eSSentials Live! is all about finding people online. Finding candidates online. Finding hiring managers online. And all of their contact information. We teach this program live two times per year, and offer a robust on-demand program for those that don’t want to wait. Either way, with eSourcing eSSentials Live! we’ll make it so you never run out of qualified candidates to call. And that’s a big statement. 

Massively Increase Efficiency

AI for Recruiters

AI4 Recruiters is a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence platform designed to help recruiters in all aspects of their work. You’ll get immediate results with our Fast Formula system of prompts. Our platform is only available on-demand and includes live follow-up to keep you on track. Premium support is available through weekly office hours and a group forum. Content is updated monthly.  Get ahead of the curve!