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2024 Recruiter Planning Session

We all know planning is important. It’s impossible to manage your business without a cohesive plan. You find yourself sitting down at your desk and not knowing what to do. The days slip into weeks, the weeks into months, and all of the sudden the year is almost over, and you’re not sure what happened to it, but you know you didn’t hit your numbers. If this happened to you in 2023, it’s time to commit to change!

This isn’t an 8-hour class on planning. This is a working session. We’ll cover a topic, and then we’ll all work on fleshing out our plans. Then we’ll cover the next topic and stop and develop that portion. This is how we’ll work through the full program.

To be successful in our business, it’s important to have a system and structure in place to support your work efforts. By the time you’ve completed this program, you’ll have a fully developed plan, you’ll feel organized, and ready to hit it hard in 2024.

This isn’t a program where we spend time teaching and then you leave and implement. We’ll be implementing and working through the plan live together. By the time the program is over, you’ll have a working system to start the new year. 

Sessions 1: Mindset and Prioritization

1. Setting the Stage for Success: An interactive introduction to cultivate a positive and proactive mindset for the new year. We’ll explore techniques to maintain motivation and overcome common mental barriers in headhunting.

2. Masterclass in Prioritization: Learn how to effectively prioritize requirements on your desk. This segment focuses on strategies to increase revenue by 20-30% without additional workload, through efficient client and candidate management.

3. Vision Crafting: Guided activities to help you get clear on your professional and personal goals for 2024. This includes defining success in your business and personal life and aligning your daily actions with these aspirations. 

Sessions 2: Systems, Organization, and Action

4. Building Robust Systems: Introduction to systems and tools for ensuring that all tasks, big and small, are tracked and managed efficiently. We’ll cover digital tools, best practices, and personal organization hacks.

5. Data Management Optimization: Learn to organize and manage data effectively. This includes client and candidate information, as well as market data, ensuring quick access and utilization for strategic decision-making.

6. Interactive Work Sessions: Each teaching segment will be accompanied by practical, hands-on sessions where you’ll apply what you’ve learned. This includes setting up your own systems, practicing prioritization exercises, and crafting a personal action plan for 2024. 

On-Demand Available Now

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Enthusiastic Love From Past Clients

Cara Houshmand
Accountants One
"I highly recommend Tricia and Jason’s eSSentials: An Intro to eSourcing. It is much more than Boolean searching and they delve into the why’s and how behind it so you walk away with a deep understanding and ability to effectively put all of the information together. I was finding better candidates after week 1, 4 sessions later and I am routinely finding those “purple squirrels” in less time that it used to find mediocre candidates. Tricia title of Master of sorcery is well deserved."

Matthew Moses
DPR Construction
"Nine years. I believe it’s been nine years since my first eSSentials class with Tricia and Moore eSSentials. Nine years on, and I still make daily use of the tools she and Jason taught, and continue to teach as the course evolves. Her depth of knowledge of the subject matter obviously comes from years of practical experience. I’ve found Tricia’s ability to clearly and patiently explain the content with just the right amount of wit injected to be her greatest gift. The tools Moore eSSentials teaches are, in my opinion, required learning for any recruiter who wants to run an efficient, effective, and authentic/human practice. You set the goals that are right for you and your business, and they’ll provide you the tools to make it happen!"

John Mein
Mein Executive Talent
"I just completed the 4 week Moore Essentials Sourcing Class and it was outstanding! Tricia and Jason are obvious experts in the field of recruiting from soup to nuts. They work so well together that the class is a joy to attend. I have been a recruiter for only two years and I learned so much from them. Another much more senior recruiter friend of mine had us sign up an Indian sourcing firm for $1500/month and the candidates they supplied were sub-par. Using the tools and techniques I learned from Tricia and Jason, I am now enabled to find far more and better candidates on my own. Both Tricia and Jason went out of their way to help every student in the class understand and use the concepts."

Maggie Davis
Sequoia Consulting Group
“I completed the eSSentials program facilitated by Tricia Tamkin and Jason Thibeault. Tricia taught me techniques that have helped me surface information I would not have otherwise known about. She is an expert and someone I would highly recommend to recruiters at any level of experience. She has definitely made me a better recruiter!”

Bob Kuecker
The Geneva Group
“When I first received an email about taking a course on learning how to write internet search strings, I was totally skeptical. Now, after taking the course with Tricia, I wish I had taken it many years ago. Tricia has opened my eyes up to the world of internet search and has revitalized my search career. She is truly an expert and knows how to communicate complicated information for those of us to whom tech stuff does not come naturally. I cannot say enough about her. I am deeply indebted to her.”