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A Friend in Good Times

Picture yourself a high school student. You and a friend decide to join something together. Football, cheerleading, the school play – it doesn’t matter. You get in, and they don’t. Then they never speak to you again. Were they ever really your friend? I bet they would be if they celebrated with you instead.

Now let’s consider the same for your clients. You and other recruiters are trying to fill a role for them. Someone else fills the role. Do you retreat to a corner to lick your wounds, or celebrate your client’s success? It can be hard, I know.

We want to remind you again this is a relationship-based business. If you disappear because you are upset you didn’t get the fee, you’ve announced loud and clear to your client that you were just in it for the money. You aren’t a trusted advisor, and you don’t have their business needs in mind. Just your own.

The same works with candidates. Sometimes they take another role. Or just don’t take yours. Send them a congratulatory letter either way. “I’m so glad you came to a decision that works for you! Looking forward to working with you again in the future.”

I think you know you’d be much more likely to work with them in the future. They’ll be a candidate again, or even better – a hiring manger. They’ll remember you much better and more fondly, when you helped them enjoy the moment.

Another, final scenario. You may have someone you go to for advice. A mentor, coach, religious leader, or even just a friend. A trusted advisor. How would you feel if they disappeared on you as soon as you met with success?

Don’t go silent. It’s not what friends do and it’s not what trusted advisors do. You aren’t just here to make money. Help them enjoy their moment.

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Jason Thibeault, acclaimed recruiter, trainer, coach, and superhero. Jason brings decades of experience in search, and is also a published author, a black belt martial artist and a former chess champ. His specialty is getting into the minds of people and unlocking the big picture and clearing the next obstacle. You’ll have so much fun with him; it won’t feel like work. 

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  1. Linda Kral

    Great article Jason. I couldn’t agree with your comments more.

  2. Mike Zarnek

    Good point and well taken!

  3. Bill Irwin

    So True. Great advice!

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