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Email Deliverability Changes

New changes go into effect in February of 2024 in regard to Google and Yahoo email sending rules. Here’s what you need to know and action steps to take.

Your Fun & Professional Guide to Mastering Email Deliverability

  1. Spam Word Myth Busted: No need to tiptoe around words like “buy” or “urgent”. ISPs have moved past simple keyword triggers. Your emails can breathe easy now!
  2. Dress Your Email in Professional Attire: As of February 2024, your email needs to step up its game. A professional domain email is in; and are out.
  3. The VIP Passes: DKIM & DMARC: These are your emails’ backstage passes to the inbox stage, ensuring they’re authentic and secure.
  4. Keep Complaint Rates Low: Aim for a complaint rate that’s lower than a limbo bar at a beach party – under 0.1%.
  5. Create Blockbuster Content: Make your emails as captivating as the season’s hit movie. Engaging, informative, and always leaving the audience wanting more.
  6. Clear Sign-Up Expectations: It’s like giving your subscribers a sneak peek of the show they’re signing up for – what content to expect and how often.
  7. VIP Club for Engaged Subscribers: Treat your most engaged subscribers like VIPs, rewarding them with tailored content and keeping the list exclusive.
  8. Consent is King: Only send emails to those who have rolled out the red carpet for you (opted- in). No gate-crashing with purchased lists.
  9. The Art of the Graceful Exit (Unsubscribe): Make leaving as easy as entering. A clear unsubscribe option keeps things friendly and professional.
  10. Show Off Your Business Address: Like flaunting a swanky office location, include your business address in your emails for that touch of professionalism.
  11. Your Email’s Signature Style (Branded Sending Domain): Get ready to meet the new Google and Yahoo requirements by setting up a branded sending domain.
  12. One-Click Unsubscribe – The Easy Out: Make sure there’s an easy one-click unsubscribe in every email, like an efficient and courteous doorman at your party.

Your Action Plan:

  1. Upgrade to a Professional Email Address: Before February 2024, switch to an email with your own domain.
  2. Set Up DKIM and DMARC: Implement these email authentication methods to keep your communications secure and trusted.
  3. Monitor Complaint Rates: Regularly check your complaint rates and keep them under 0.1%.
  4. Assess and Enhance Your Content: Continuously improve your email content to keep it engaging and valuable to your audience.
  5. Update Your Sign-Up Forms: Clearly communicate what subscribers will receive and how often.
  6. Focus on Engaged Subscribers: Create and maintain a segment for your most active subscribers for targeted communication.
  7. Regularly Clean Your Email List: Keep your list fresh by removing unengaged subscribers periodically.
  8. Ensure Email Consent: Only send emails to users who have explicitly opted in.
  9. Implement a Clear Unsubscribe Process: Include an easy-to-find and simple-to-use unsubscribe link in your emails.
  10. Include Your Physical Address: Ensure every email has your business address, complying with legal requirements.
  11. Implement a Branded Sending Domain: Set this up to meet new sender requirements and enhance your brand identity.
  12. Add a One-Click Unsubscribe Link: Ensure compliance and user convenience with this feature.

By following these steps, not only will your emails stand out for their content and style, but they’ll also navigate the tricky waters of email deliverability with flair and finesse. Happy emailing! ★

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