Redesigned eSourcing eSSentials Program

There were four main issues we wanted to address: 

  1. You’re extremely busy running a desk, and don’t have time for hours of training during business hours. At the same time, learning entirely through videos can be daunting. 
  2. Even though you can easily find contact information for candidates and clients (after training), tools for data enrichment can still be helpful. 
  3. You want to use Chat GPT for sourcing, but generating meaningful output can be extremely challenging, and often a time waster. 
  4. Some of the content is complex, and repetition is the best learning. Because we all learn at different paces, some of us require more support. 

To address these issues, we’ve made several changes to the program. Here they are: 

  1. Classes will only run for one hour each, three days a week for the first three weeks. The fourth week only has one session. The fifth week has two sessions. We’ve decreased your live training time by over 25% and removed anything that wasn’t critical to your sourcing skills. 
  2. We’ve analyzed and explored over 30 data enrichment tools. We’ll tell you which work, which offer free monthly lookups, and establish you with free accounts with all of them (yes, we’ll set up the accounts for you.) 
  3. We’ve integrated our search strings into ChatGPT formulas to massively expedite your sourcing implementation. You’ll be able to use our formulas, answer questions about your search, and GPT will write your search strings for you. 
  4. Many of you can’t attend all the sessions live, but you don’t want to invest in the full on-demand program. We heard you, and now live sessions will be available via recording for the week they’re taught.