Jason Sorceror

About Jason Thibeault

Jason grew up in a log cabin in the woods. A fireplace for heat, no cable TV, the roads weren’t even paved. He may have been found hunched over a Commodore VIC-20, reading everything, drawing, or building things.

Having given up on his plan to become an astronaut (too tall and nearsighted) by college, Jason went into Physics with the end goal of working in a space-related field. After they kicked him out of the Physics department, he landed in Philosophy due to a natural aptitude for logic. It’s also when he first started teaching logic.

After college, Jason became an officer in what used to be Air Force Space Command. (Space-related!) After many adventures, he left and returned to civilian life to work in the glamorous world of manufacturing, accepting a job as a night supervisor in a Rubbermaid factory. A job change and a few promotions later, three years had passed, and Jason was running all plant operations for a factory in the Chicago suburbs. That’s where he was when he met Tricia.

He left manufacturing for recruiting, added training, speaking, and coaching. Sure, there have been tragedies along the way, bankruptcy, a messy divorce, decade long custody battle, a child with an extended medical crisis…. Yet with it has come constant growth and learning. 

Thanks for being curious about Jason. Never outgrowing child-like curiosity is one of his secrets to success. Life is easier when you know more.



You are here. What are you going to get accomplished in the next year?


We start Group Coaching and 25Easy.  Disney Starcruiser Maiden Voyage!


Billionaires launch into space. We launch AI4Recruiters.

First Child Graduates High School. World goes into lockdown.

Midlife Crisis Sports Car: I made it look like a starfighter!

Co-Founded Church of Executive Search
Earned Black Belt
Hired first two Moore eSSentials employees
Co-Founded Moore eSSentials
Built & Deployed Sourcing Software (the eSSistant)

First short fiction published

First time speaking at ASA
Taught first sourcing program
Became a Recruiter
Divorce (thus begins 10-year custody battle)
Plant Operations Manager
Lean Manufacturing Manager
Value Stream Manager
Left Military, became Night Supervisor
Third child born, better knock this off
Second child born
First child born
Promoted to Missile Combat Crew Commander in record time
Helped launch a rocket into space
Entered USAF (Space Command)
Bachelor’s degree and end of bachelorhood
First triathlon
Became Champion Swordsman
Lost over 100 pounds to get a date
Started working and studying at ISU
Got SUPER into DnD
Started a paintball team
Started a Star Trek Fan Club
First State Chess Competition
Saw Star Wars in theaters 15 times

Enthusiastic Love from Jason's Clients

Steven Sloane
“Jason calls himself the “Professor of eSourcery.” Truly an accurate description. Took a lengthy webinar with Jason which was exceedingly worthwhile and highlighted by an on-going sense of humor If you want to learn Boolean (and have some fun while doing so,) Jason is “the man”

Greg Todesco
Korn Ferry
“Jason has a great ability to teach what he knows in a clear and concise approach. In his leadership he scanned the attendees to ensure he was not progressing too quickly, or slowly. In working with many people across many industries as a recruiter, I do not often come in contact with other people who listen first, then process what they heard and then respond. Jason does this effortlessly and effectively. If you have an opportunity to interact with Jason, as a client, candidate, student or colleague I highly recommend you do so.”

Joseph Ryan
Washington Research Associates Inc
“Jason’s style for recruiting is refreshing and forthright. Jason asked all the right questions and answered all the questions I had for him. From first contact to last, dealing with Jason was a real pleasure, he worked hard to get me to the next level. I appreciate Jason’s enthusiasm, hard work and professionalism.”

Sam Watterson
Keir Surgical Ltd.
“Jason is an expert in his field. More importantly, Jason is willing to share his expertise – and he does so in a clear, understandable way. On more than once occasion, Jason went out of his way to help me reach some of my company goals.”

Robbie Sewell
Saddlebrook Associates
“Jason Thibeault is a perfect complement to his partner, Tricia Tamkin, in bringing the most refreshing, captivating, intellectually stimulating training program to the recruitment industry via the comprehensive Moore eSSentials curriculum. Jason is a technical expert in sourcing and a philosophical/psychological ninja who translates human behavior into a recruitment methodology that disregards hackneyed sales techniques and defers to a more rational, enjoyable approach. I recommend Jason without reservation. You will profit greatly by being one of his students in any of the Moore programs, and I recommend them all!”

Ellen Small
Proctor Small Associates
“Jason is not only an expert in Sourcing Techniques, he is incredibly smart and funny! Oh, and an outstanding adult instructor. He and Tricia Tamkin provide training that leaves you understanding the content, the process and the context in search and sourcing techniques and they do it in the best possible way – FUN! Jason is quick to help and even though he is way smarter than I am, never makes me feel like a dunce when I don’t get something. He and Tricia are truly outstanding people and I’m glad to have worked with them.”

Nicole Dessain
“Jason is a “wizard” when it comes to Boolean talent search. As a member of my Talent Scout team at CEC he frequently trained other team members to improve the entire team’s ability in this area. Jason was one of the top performers on the team due to his search background and creative way of approaching each assignment. He successfully took on some of the hardest search assignments. Jason also helped to design and execute our military vet sourcing strategy. Jason would be an asset to any sourcing team.”

Tony O'Neill
Highline Outdoor Group
“I’ve spent nearly a decade working with some of the strongest recruiting specialists in the industry and Jason Thibeault is by far one the foremost experts in our space. His ability to communicate cutting edge sourcing techniques along with proven recruiting processes was instrumental in helping take my business to the next level. Not only is Jason highly passionate about his work, he also is a really great person.”