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Enthusiastic Love From Past Clients

Mark Timler
Polymer Specialties Inc.
“I signed up for four weeks of More Essentials’ Client Cornucopia to improve my skills in business development and client acquisition. I found it sufficiently helpful and there was so much to learn that I signed up for a full year of access to Client Cornucopia. I found it helpful both for the content it provided and for the camaraderie with other recruiters. It challenges you in new and old areas to do what you need to do to be at your best as a recruiter. I heartily recommend it.”

Barbara Clayton
The Clayton Company
“Tricia is a master at all she does. I would highly recommend her as a trainer or a coach. In less than 4 days on the phones during and after my first 5 training sessions, I have 4 meetings set up. She has helped me rethink my business and expand my regional strategy. She has made me feel rejuvenated and energized.”

Julie Teixeira
ROI Search Group
“Tricia's class was amazing. The tools and techniques I was taught during her sessions allowed me to substantially increase the number of meetings and clients in a short period of time. Today, approximately one month after the start of training, I have scheduled dozens of meetings and have two new clients. I am getting meetings I did not get before which I attribute to the direct methods Tricia teaches for email and phone calls. These methods get results!”

Melita Guapp
Scout & Source
“TL; DR: Tricia is great, hire her! The longer version: I signed up for one of Tricia and Jason‘s training program, and I’m happy to say I’ve learned much more than I’d initially expected from it! The program has helped me to prioritize where I wanted grow my business and the best way to do that. I can recommend Tricia wholeheartedly. She‘s fun, experienced and an excellent advisor.”

Gina DeFazio
Mid-Atlantic MedSales
“Tricia is an excellent, professional and dynamic educator/speaker. She is also a first-rate individual who will go above and beyond to ensure your success. If you are considering Client Cornucopia, I highly recommend it.”

Sue Swenson
Swenson Turner Productions
“I'm a recruiter taking Tricia's Client Cornucopia class. Over the years I've taken other courses and have received coaching and training from many big name recruiters out there. Tricia's course and personal coaching surpasses, by far, anything else being offered. Her course is greatly exceeding my expectations. I wish I'd known about Tricia's Client Cornucopia training course years ago. I look forward to taking Tricia's and Jason Thibeault's eSourcing eSSentials candidate development course as well. Sue S.”

TJ Kastning
“I took the Moore eSSentials Client Cornucopia class to get a new perspective on marketing. My process has worked well over the years but I’ve felt rushed to make a decision on long-term mutual fit with potential clients."

Mindi Rector
Irving York
“I initially took Tricia and Jason's eSourcing eSSentials training and it was so fantastic, I had to come back for more! Client Cornucopia far exceeded any expectations I had going in... It is packed to overflowing with critical market intel, key BD principles, and strategies and methodologies for success in this business. Tricia and Jason are excellent communicators who make each session fun and engaging - they are at the top of the training game. Hands down, I recommend Client Cornucopia for anyone wanting to elevate their BD skills and approach. I fully believe that if you use what you learn in this class, you will see a significant return on your investment."

Nadeen Bennett
V.P Human Resources
“I had the pleasure of attending a two day in house e-sourcing clinic with Tricia as our leader. She was able to in plain english explain how to use the tools to take our business to the next level. She ensured that everyone was "good to go" before moving on and took the time needed. It was two days very well spent!"