Rich Rosen’s Private Coaching for Executive Search Excellence

Crafting the Path to Your Ideal Recruiting Business

A Personal Invitation from Rich Rosen

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We invite you to explore the transformative power of private coaching. Before applying, please watch this personal message from Rich. Understand our unique approach and how we select our clients to ensure mutual success. This is not a one-size-fits-all program; it’s a personalized roadmap to your success.

$3000 per month (month to month)

Why Private Coaching with Rich Rosen is Essential for Your Success:

Maximize Your Earnings

Collaborate one-on-one to construct a personalized blueprint that focuses on substantive, income-boosting activities, freeing you from the cycle of unproductive tasks.

Profit Optimization

Unlock the secrets to enhanced profitability through strategic financial planning and resource allocation, ensuring you retain a larger share of your success.

Skill Enhancement Journey

Receive bespoke, timely training from the extensive Moore eSSentials repertoire, crafted to meet your specific career milestones and challenges.

Strategic Problem Solving

Encounter real-time, personalized solutions to your unique executive search dilemmas, ensuring swift resolution and continuous progress.

Structured Accountability

Define your ambitions under Rich’s mentorship, and adhere to a path of consistent, focused effort towards achieving your professional dreams.

Crafting a Fulfilling Lifestyle

Learn that professional success is just the beginning; true achievement means balancing prosperity with personal well-being and satisfaction.

Join the Elite Circle of Private Coaching Clients

Our Private Coaching is exclusive and tailored, with only a select few openings each year. It’s not about being first; it’s about being the right fit. We invite serious applicants who are ready to transform their recruiting business and life. Watch the instruction video, then apply to see how we align.

Enthusiastic Love From Past Clients

Kira Schultz

Founder, CarsonLewis

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Ben Davis

CEO, NOW Hiring Heroes, Inc.

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Rich Rosen,

Co-Founder, Cornerstonesearch

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Dave Burr
Sedgefield Search
"Training can be a drag – when someone else pays for it. But when it’s on your own dime, you want something relevant and impactful. Tricia and Jason make training fun, but challenging, with different assignments and homework every day. If you want to coast, this isn’t for you; but if you seek measurable results (new clients and job orders), a class with Moore eSSentials is well worth your investment."

Robert Peyser
Teema Solutions
“I’m so happy to give my highest praise to Moore eSSentials. It is truly the first course I have taken that satisfied my expectations. Most courses are boring and repetitive, and it takes the presenters many hours just to make one point. Not the case with Jason and Tricia! They are a movable feast of ideas, tactics and strategies. It’s truly the first course I’ve taken that I didn’t feel gypped by the cost. I got my money’s worth and more so!”