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Jason and I regularly watch Stephen Colbert. Last week, he had an interesting guest that really got us talking. Stephen was chatting with Yuval Noah Harari, a well-known historian and author (Sapiens is the name of his book, and I haven’t read it, but will). They dove deep into the world of AI and what it might mean for our future. It was one of those conversations which sticks with you, sparking conversations and reflections long after the TV is turned off. It’s part of why we love Colbert.

They kicked things off by talking about how fast everything seems to be changing around us, especially when it comes to technology. It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Harari made a point which I agree fully. He said it’s getting harder to know what we should be teaching kids these days because who knows what skills they’ll actually need in a few decades? Colbert, with his usual flair, wondered out loud if we even need to bother teaching kids anything at all, now that AI’s in the picture. Harari had a smart take on that. He believes it’s not about ditching learning but more about learning how to live with and manage AI. Jason and I have been saying this for years. About 15 years ago, Jason even blogged on the importance of modifying education around the smartphone and the individual’s instant access to information.

Can we please start teaching our children how to be resourceful instead of how to memorize?

Colbert mentioned he’s all for letting AI take over some of the big decisions for us. Harari wasn’t quite on board with that idea. He pointed out how risky it is to give so much power to something we barely understand. AI isn’t just another tool; it’s on a whole other level because it can think and create in ways we can’t even predict. His reaction seemed a little fear mongering, but he also appeared extremely smart and I’ll reserve judgement until I read his book. It’s something to consider, would AI make better decisions than our leaders do?

Their back-and-forth highlighted how divided opinions are on AI. Some people are excited about the possibilities, dreaming about all the new and innovative solutions AI might come up with (we clearly fall into this camp.) Others are more cautious, and worried about the unknowns and what it means for our future.

This conversation between Colbert and Harari was more than just an interesting TV segment for us. It sparked a lot of thinking about where we’re headed with AI and how it’s going to shape our world. It’s clear there’s no easy answer, but it’s conversations like these that help us prepare for whatever comes next.

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