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Find More Candidates

eSourcing eSSentials Live!

eSourcing eSSentials Live! is all about finding people online. Finding candidates online. Finding hiring managers online. And all of their contact information. We teach this program live two times per year, and offer a robust on-demand program for those that don’t want to wait. Either way, with eSourcing eSSentials Live! we’ll make it so you never run out of qualified candidates to call. And that’s a big statement. 

Decrease Falloffs & Counteroffers

AI for Recruiters

AI4 Recruiters is a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence platform designed to help recruiters in all aspects of their work. You’ll get immediate results with our Fast Formula system of prompts. Our platform is only available on-demand and includes live follow-up to keep you on track. Premium support is available through weekly office hours and a group forum. Content is updated monthly.  Get ahead of the curve!