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Steve Finkel and My First Training

Over the holidays I’ve been having an electronic conversation with one of our students, Don, who’s an impressive guy. He’s a former Marine, Mechanical Engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt who’s done missionary work in Africa, builds and runs Christian schools, and owns a successful Global Recruiters Network location.

He told me the one thing he still struggles with sometimes is find “A” search assignments, which led to a discussion around prequalifying new clients. Don has always prequalified requirements, but not the actual client.

He spent some time thinking about this, as smart people do, and came back to me with an excerpt from Steve Finkel’s Real Recruiting. Finkel describes four keys to prequalifying the client. The number of people managed and hired from outside sources, turnover, and growth. This makes perfect sense, but only scratches the surface.

Most recruiters use MPC/QCC/POP marketing of candidates to get job orders. Maybe, if you’re “advanced” in your marketing, you’re doing content marketing, making yourself an authority, or building funnels to get clients to come to you. Either way, there’s a fundamental flaw to this approach.

You’re not picking your clients. In an MPC model, the candidate picks the clients. In an electronic model, the clients are picking you. Why is it so difficult for recruiters to be strategic in running their desks and their businesses?

As you go into the new year, make a shift in your mindset. It’s your desk, it’s your business and you decide who you want to represent in the industry. Don’t let other people decide for you.

But back to Don. Today, we were commending Finkel as one of the greats in our industry. Don just started Breakthrough (which was the very first training I ever had in this business) and Don told me he had the 2014 updated version. I pulled the book off my shelf to see what year mine was printed and found an inscription inside. The date at the top is 1-5-94, and it says “Trish, With all best wishes for massive success! Steve Finkel”

How fun!

At the bottom, I wrote his phone number. I remember calling him with questions, and it seemed the best way to keep his phone number was to write it inside his book. Can you imagine not having email? Or a mobile device? Or an electronic way to store someone’s contact information? I didn’t have a computer on my desk, did everything in paper, and read books to learn how to be successful in our business. It was a different time in 1994.

Be proactive in your business development, stop letting others decide who you’re going to represent, and you’ll take the first steps to making 2019 the best year yet. 

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Tricia Tamkin, headhunter, advisor, coach, and gladiator. Tricia has spoken at over 50 recruiting events, been quoted in multiple national publications, and her name is often dropped in groups as the solution to any recruiters’ challenges. She brings over 30 years of deep recruiting experience and offers counsel in a way which is perspective changing and entertaining.

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  1. Gib Gibson

    Steve Finkel is THE AUTHORITY on voice training and the importance of voice management and voice effectiveness in The Recruiting / Executive Search World!

  2. Mark H. Axelrod

    Dear Tricia – I opened the doors to my recruiting business on 3/3/1988. Yes, I remember the exact date. Being a (very) old timer, I know how true it is that the recruiting world has changed immensely since 1994. It has, and then again it hasn’t. Establishing relationships with clients and candidates remains bedrock, and that can still be accomplished on the phone. Diligently bringing both sides together step by step remains bedrock. Working with HR if HR is a partner is great. Finding ways to connect with clients directly – I hate to say running end plays around HR, but that’s what it is – also remains bedrock. Choosing companies carefully re: those most likely to get your cash register to ring remains bedrock. I learned early on that for me the corporate giants are typically time wasters. Yet, some recruiters make all or most of their placements with the monsters. That’s one of the glories of our business. What’s good for one goose may be entirely wrong for the next gander. As for Steve Finkle, I agree, he is one of the wonderful, long-tenured trainers out there. Fortunately for our business, he has plenty of excellent company. Do enjoy ringing in the new year and have a terrific 2019.

  3. Bill Irwin

    Steve Finkel is a treasure for sure. I remember picking him up at the ATL Airport for some meetings our group conducted. I was his host. He talked about how revered recruiting is and how special the industry is. We got to the conference room and the Projectors weren’t there as promised. Steve just said he needed a Black marker and some flip paper with an easel. He then incorporated this into his training that day. His message was: Learn the process, trust the process and repeat the process…..No computer needed…. 3×5 cards never get viruses or need upgrades! They’re portable, customizable and truly successful. He did say that one should utilize technology where ever possible but you can still Breakthrough from ground zero. This was in the early 2000’s.

  4. Dale Stuebing

    I agree with all of you that we do need to be aware of Technology BUT the fundamentals that Steve teaches do not change and are still the foundation. When we bring new people into our company the very first training they receive is the video series from Steven.

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