Enthusiastic Love from Our Clients

Shannon Encinger
Castlestream Recruiting
“I attended Tricia and Jason’s seminar last Friday to learn how to utilize Boolean search strings in my recruiting role. She and Jason did a fantastic job! They were engaging, funny, patient, and great at sharing their knowledge and skills. I’ve never enjoyed a class or seminar the way I enjoyed theirs!”

Jason Huls
Midwestern University
“After taking Tricia and Jason’s eSourcing program, I can’t fathom how someone wouldn’t have consistent work if their techniques are implemented properly. Beyond that, what they teach can be applied to any kind of online searching. It’s extremely useful information. To say their tips are out-of-the-box is an understatement”

Emily Jones
ETI Professional Search
“It is rare that a training class makes an impact in daily work product on day one, but that is exactly what Tricia’s program offers. Not only is her class content comprehensive and easy to follow, her wealth and depth of knowledge in the sourcing and recruiting space in invaluable. If you are looking to take your recruiting and sourcing activities to the next level, Tricia’s eSourcing eSSentials is a must!”

Nicole Razavi
Emerging Growth Staffing
“I just finished a training course with Tricia and Jason and I found them to be amazing coaches/leaders. They are a wealth of knowledge in sourcing/recruiting and business development. They are extremely organized and the two of them are perfectly in sync with their trainings. They provided tools and resources that are in line with today’s technology and they are fun to listen to. They both have an amazing sense of humor and are fun and engaging. I was amazed by all of the insightful tools they provided that were so helpful in my business. I would absolutely recommend their courses and I can’t wait to take another! Thank you, Tricia and Jason!”

Diane Sanders
Alltech, Inc.
“I recently completed the class Tricia offers on sourcing, it was by far the best training I have ever received. The class was interactive and real time examples were used in class so everyone worked together which kept it interesting. I would not hesitate to recommend Tricia (and Jason) for training.”

Robert Peyser
SearchFind Partners
“I’m am so happy to give my highest praise to Moore eSSentials. It is truly the first course I have taken that satisfied my expectations. Most courses are boring and repetitive, and it takes the presenters many hours just to make one point. Not the case with Jason and Tricia! They are a movable feast of ideas, tactics and strategies. It’s truly the first course I’ve taken that I didn’t feel gypped by the cost. I got my money’s worth and more so! .”

Robbie Sewell
Saddlebrook Associates
“Jason is a technical expert in sourcing and a philosophical/psychological ninja who translates human behavior into a recruitment methodology that disregards hackneyed sales techniques and defers to a more rational, enjoyable approach… You will profit greatly by being one of his students in any of the Moore programs.”

Cat Colson
Sage Therapeutics
“Just wanted to thank you for the idea of “Just in Time” Recruiting. It’s been working well and I feel like I am more productive. Sometimes changing your mindset or just doing one thing differently can really make a difference. I felt like I was in a rut, so this really helped!!”

Mike Vinyard
Qualitec Consulting Group, LP
“Tricia & Jason provided very useful information to my organization utilizing techniques that produced results like none other.They are valued assets to have on your team.”

Joseph Ryan
Washington Research Associates Inc
“Jason’s style for recruiting is refreshing and forthright. Jason asked all the right questions and answered all the questions I had for him. From first contact to last, dealing with Jason was a real pleasure, he worked hard to get me to the next level. I appreciate Jason’s enthusiasm, hard work and professionalism.”

Eleanor Meekins
Eleanor Meekins Professional Employment Consultant
“I LOVE your training. You and Jason do such a great job. I cannot recommend you more highly.”

Aimee Ambrose
The York Dispatch
“My skills have expanded exponentially thanks to Tricia Tamkin and fellow trainer/partner/Batman close, Jason Thibeault. They are an incomparable team and an invaluable wellspring of wisdom. Their internet searching techniques are unparalleled, and their training methods are easy and graceful.”

Tim Ulrey
Pactiv Evergreen
“Cutting edge recruitment technology expert! Official hybrid of a ninja and eSourcerer.”

Mike Martin
Highline Outdoor Group
“The eSSentials training provides immediate returns with sourcing passive candidates for open job orders. It is an incredible value from both a time and cost perspective and the returns can be measured right away. We’ve missed big on some past training from industry “experts” and I was hesitant to commit the spend but the techniques we learned are invaluable. I am very thankful she talked me into the class and she delivered way past my expectations!!!”

Michael Teske
Arbor Lodging Management
“Tricia and Jason are a verifiable treasure trove of information on the efficient use of Boolean searches for lazer focused, high quality searches. After taking their webinar course, I was able to cut the time of my searches in half, and be able to come back with greater accuracy and relevancy on the candidate backgrounds.”

Marli Palarino
Palarino Partners
“Hands down, Tricia’s sourcing methodology is THE BEST in the marketplace. You are taught how to fully control your sourcing needs, and ensure that you know how to find exactly what you need. I took her course 7 years ago, and her methods still serve me to this day in searching for the right candidates and clients. I have saved so much time from having implemented her methodology, that I recommend her services to anyone who wants to fully master sourcing!”

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