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Work Less to Get More Done

It feels a bit counterintuitive, but the findings are in and important for us to acknowledge. Slack put out this article, and essentially it says this:

  1. Employees who log off after the standard workday are 20% more productive than those working after hours.
  2. Taking breaks increases productivity and well-being, but half of desk workers seldom take breaks.
  3. Ideal focus time is around four hours daily; over two hours in meetings leads to a feeling of overburden.
  4. Working after hours due to obligation results in increased stress, lower satisfaction, and higher burnout rates.
  5. The late afternoon (3pm – 6pm in your own timezone) is generally the least productive time.
  6. Managing time effectively, like blocking specific times for tasks, enhances productivity.
  7. A balanced workday includes focus time, collaboration, social connection, and rest.
  8. There’s growing interest in AI tools to assist with time management and meeting efficiency.

So what would like look like in practical application for a recruiter? I would assume discovery calls and interviews would be considered meetings – in addition to coaching, internal staff meetings, and any other call you have scheduled with someone. If you only had 2 hours of phone time per day, you’d be leaving a lot of money on the table.

Despite my disagreement with #3, there’s a lot of value in that list. If you find yourself dipping in the 3pm to 6pm timeframe, maybe that’s the best time to schedule haircuts, grocery shopping, and the things you do during business hours while everyone else is working.

Can we implement a hard stop to the day? I personally struggle with it, but I’m going to explore different times and see if I can find something that works. Remember, you’re the boss and can always leave early. You’re allowed. 

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