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2024 Recruiter Planning Session

We all know planning is important. It’s impossible to manage your business without a cohesive plan. You find yourself sitting down at your desk and not knowing what to do. The days slip into weeks, the weeks into months, and all of the sudden the year is almost over, and you’re not sure what happened to it, but you know you didn’t hit your numbers. If this happened to you in 2023, it’s time to commit to change!

This isn’t an 8-hour class on planning. This is a working session. We’ll cover a topic, and then we’ll all work on fleshing out our plans. Then we’ll cover the next topic and stop and develop that portion. This is how we’ll work through the full program.

To be successful in our business, it’s important to have a system and structure in place to support your work efforts. By the time you’ve completed this program, you’ll have a fully developed plan, you’ll feel organized, and ready to hit it hard in 2024.

This isn’t a program where we spend time teaching and then you leave and implement. We’ll be implementing and working through the plan live together. By the time the program is over, you’ll have a working system to start the new year. 

Sessions 1: Mindset and Prioritization

1. Setting the Stage for Success: An interactive introduction to cultivate a positive and proactive mindset for the new year. We’ll explore techniques to maintain motivation and overcome common mental barriers in headhunting.

2. Masterclass in Prioritization: Learn how to effectively prioritize requirements on your desk. This segment focuses on strategies to increase revenue by 20-30% without additional workload, through efficient client and candidate management.

3. Vision Crafting: Guided activities to help you get clear on your professional and personal goals for 2024. This includes defining success in your business and personal life and aligning your daily actions with these aspirations. 

Sessions 2: Systems, Organization, and Action

4. Building Robust Systems: Introduction to systems and tools for ensuring that all tasks, big and small, are tracked and managed efficiently. We’ll cover digital tools, best practices, and personal organization hacks.

5. Data Management Optimization: Learn to organize and manage data effectively. This includes client and candidate information, as well as market data, ensuring quick access and utilization for strategic decision-making.

6. Interactive Work Sessions: Each teaching segment will be accompanied by practical, hands-on sessions where you’ll apply what you’ve learned. This includes setting up your own systems, practicing prioritization exercises, and crafting a personal action plan for 2024. 

On-Demand Available Now

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