How to get 50% off eSourcing eSSentials

It’s always lovely to save money, and we have a way for you to save 50% off your purchase of either eSourcing eSSentials Live! or eSourcing eSSentials On Demand.

We have a Group Coaching program, called Church of Executive Search. We meet twice a week, once for more traditional group coaching and the other for Deep Learning. One of the benefits of Group Coaching is a 50% discount on all additional training.

We don’t believe in long-term commitments for Group Coaching. How many times have you gotten sucked into something, found it to be lacking, and then couldn’t break the contract? Us too, and it sucks.

We aren’t going to do that to you. Group Coaching is month to month. We are forced to keep delivering incredible value to you each month to encourage you to stay with us.

If we don’t deliver enough value for your investment, we want you to leave.

No questions asked.

When you join Group Coaching, there are several things included:

  • Monday mornings at 9am CT, Celebrations & Spotlights. We start the week off strong, and during this hour, we cover celebrations, active initiatives and needs. Everyone has an opportunity to ask questions, and we all stay accountable to each other.
  • Tuesdays at 11am CT, Deep Learning. In this session we pick a topic in recruiting and go deep into it. We provide theory, practical application, and scripts. Continuous improvement is paramount to your success.
  • Sunday Weekly Update. Every Sunday morning you receive an update with information about the week’s sessions, articles written by us to address the issues we’ve seen throughout the week in group and private coaching, and Tidbits. These are links to timely and relevant information to benefit us as recruiters, or to share with candidates and clients.
  • The last four weeks of Updates, Deep Learning, and Celebrations & Spotlights. The last four Deep Learning topics were Finding Contact Information, Raising Prices & Mandating Retainers, and the First and Second Discovery call for BD.
  • 50% off all other training programs (to include Client Cornucopia and AI4 Recruiters)

Group Coaching is $1000 per month, and again, with no long-term commitment. If you decide to leverage the 50% off for eSourcing eSSentials, you’ll pay $1K for group, and then either $1500 for eSourcing eSSentials Live! Or, $2500 for eSourcing eSSentials On Demand, and have one month of recorded sessions, and one month of live sessions for Group Coaching.

Isn’t it time?