History and Mythology of Moore eSSentials

In the beginning there was nothing. Then Tricia and Jason were born, both at a very young age.  They were children before adults, as was the custom back then. Though they followed this same path, ironically, neither knew of the other.

Tricia spent years as a recruiter and firm owner. Jason had been a trainer and manager. Through several bizarre twists of fate they came to work together in the field of recruiting. This soon led to classes teaching advanced sourcing techniques online specifically for recruiters. They have clients in many industries, from Accounting to Oil and Gas, Manufacturing to Information Technology, even Healthcare and Rocket Science. They trained these classes through another company for five years, and then bought the division in 2015. Moore eSSentials is the result.*

From 2010 onward, they have spent the majority of their working time building and teaching advanced internet research classes. In addition to recruiters and sales people, they have taught agents and researchers in the real estate industry, retirees looking to make the best use of technology, filmmakers, social workers and writers. Everyone has a reason to want to find information on the internet.

You could say that all of our lives were steps towards having the ultimate learning tool for finding information. Now the training wheels are off and you can go for a spin.

*Why Moore? Moore’s Law is about the doubling power of technology. We want to rapidly double your power as well. We all know that if a little is good, Moore is better.

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