Meet the Moore eSSentials Team

Jason Thibeault
Jason ThibeaultPartner/Chief Knowledge Officer
He has been called Batman, Ninja, Wizard, Pirate, Rocket Scientist, Genius, Professor, (Space) Cowboy, Philosopher, and The Most Interesting Man alive – some of these even by other people. When he isn’t dreaming up epithets for himself, he has built a reputation as one of the most truly gifted headhunters in the country. His specialty is getting into the mind of his prospect and finding where they could be hiding. Sherlock Holmes has his face on a dart board, and James Bond was heard to remark, “I ordered shaken, not nerd.”

He began teaching logic in college when his professor randomly appointed him tutor. That has worked out okay so far. Though he spends a large portion of his day talking and/or screaming at the internet, he’s also capable of expressing his advanced techniques in an understandable, humorous and concise manner for humans.

Tricia Tamkin
Tricia TamkinPartner/Chief Training Officer
Her very name conjures mystery. Unless you’ve heard of her, of course. In which case you know Tricia has started eight successful companies, one of which she has been running since phones had cords. Among the Executive Search community she has been known for years and quoted in multiple magazines, trade journals and possibly the occasional Saturday Night Live skit.

In the 1990s she started combining Boolean logic and search strings with strong phone techniques and became a very successful recruiter, when most in her industry still didn’t have a computer on their desk. Dozens of training classes later and she launched her own series of classes; teaching hundreds of recruiters per year. Her deep experience in business over the last 20 years enables her to see the big picture for virtually anyone’s needs.


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