What Happens Now

Piece of chocolate cake with mint on white plate, closeup

You’ve made your purchase. Indulged. Now you are nervous. Will you get what you expected? How will you know when class starts? Did my order even go through?

This page exists only to give you answers. Below you will find a summary of what comes next and how we will maintain this relationship going forward. We call it defined expectations. We set these expectations with clients, candidates, and now with you. Then we try to exceed those expectations.

Getting more than you expected is the key to happiness. Really, there was a study. We don’t make this stuff up.

What Comes Next

Once you’ve registered, you’ll have access to your dashboard. We recommend you print your workbooks before class starts. It is difficult to hear and interact when your loud printer is burning off copies.

Once class starts, you would do well to turn your phones down. Dedicate some “me time.” Login a few minutes early, dial the call-in number. Mute your phone until you need to interact. Have a cold glass of water. Because staying hydrated is always a good idea. And relax, this will be easier than you imagined.