“After taking Tricia and Jason’s eSourcing class, I can’t fathom how someone wouldn’t have consistent work if the techniques are implemented properly. Beyond that, much of what they teach can be applied to any kind of online searching. Extremely useful information. To say their tips and techniques are out-of-the-box is an understatement.”

Jason Huls – Video Producer, Midwestern University


Elizabeth Luchsinger

“She provided the most thorough search string training that I have ever experienced. Tricia is enthusiastic and a great trainer. I would recommend Tricia for anyone required to perform research.”

Elizabeth Luchsinger – Quality Director, Edgerton Hospital



“Jason is not only an expert in Sourcing Techniques, he is incredibly smart and funny! Oh, and an outstanding adult instructor. He and Tricia Tamkin provide training that leaves you understanding the content, the process and the context in search and sourcing techniques and they do it in the best possible way – FUN! Jason is quick to help and even though he is way smarter than I am, never makes me feel like a dunce when I don’t get something. He and Tricia are truly outstanding people and I’m glad to have worked with them.”

Ellen Small – Founder, Proctor Small Associates


“First of all the course on eSourcing taught by Tricia and Jason is outstanding and took my present skills in using search strings and the internet up 20 times. The recall material is outstanding and everything taught in the class is captured for future use. In addition it is an outstanding value and will have an exponential effect in time on my billings. I would have paid double for the information.”

Steve Shulman, CPA – Managing Partner, GRN of the Hudson Valley



“I attended a seminar that was taught by Tricia, and really appreciated how approachable and knowledgeable she was. She took the time to explain things until everyone understood the how and the why. Thanks Tricia!”

Lesa Ong – Legal Recruitment Consultant, NagataConnex



“Tricia and Jason are two of the world’s foremost experts in sourcing high quality, difficult to locate individuals, who fly well under the radar. They have an incredible way of helping you to understand complex competitive intelligence principles that yield real results and the right individuals. These two individuals directly impacted Highline Search Group’s bottom line.”

Tony O’Neill – Founder & President, Highline Search Group



“Her depth of knowledge of the subject matter obviously comes from years of experience. Her ability to clearly and patiently explain the content with just the right amount of wit injected was terrific. I look forward to hiring her again in the future for additional instruction!”

Matthew Moses – Principal, CrossOver



“I had the privilege of attending the e-sourcing training conducted by Tricia and Jason last week. It was amazing. In fact I was able to put some of the ideas into action my first day back in the office. Looking forward to what she comes up with next.”

Ian Steeves – Business Development Manager, T.E.A.M.S. Transport



“My skills have expanded exponentially over the past month, and it’s all thanks to Tricia Tamkin and fellow trainer/partner/Batman clone, Jason Thibeault. The two are an incomparable team and an invaluable wellspring of wisdom. Their internet searching techniques are unparalleled, and their training methods are easy and graceful. The subject matter can be challenging, but Tricia & Jason teach it in such an easy manner there is no difficulty grasping the content. It’s fun and informative, and the two have wonderful, engaging personalities. I greatly appreciate what I have learned from them. I highly recommend both Tricia Tamkin and Jason Thibeault!”

Aimee Ambrose – Reporter, KPC Media Group



“Not only does she know her way around the internet like she helped invent it, Tricia is incredibly passionate about sharing her knowledge and teaching students how to harness the latest search tools and methodologies to ferret out hard-to-find people.”

Andrew Moore – Associate Editor, Markets at Platts



“I was blown away by Jason’s insane knowledge of how to create lists of relevant names for searches through advanced internet research techniques. And this is all without making one cold call. Amazing! I highly recommend Jason to anyone in business who is struggling to consistently or quickly produce great names for their searches. This is especially for that individual that thinks they already know all of the latest and greatest techniques. Bottom line, as Jason will show you, you don’t. He does.”

John Schlegel – National Executive Recruiter, Stonebridge Search



“Well done, Tricia, it was a pleasure to learn from a Master of eSorcery! You exceeded my high expectations and made learning advanced Boolean search techniques fun. I finally have the foundation for e-sourcing best practices.”

Mary Beth Elmer – Director of Research, Personnel Associates



“Tricia brings a deep level of professional expertise to her clients. Her knowledge and passion for what she does is evident in the results that her clients receive from her classes. The one thing that sets her apart from other trainers is her character and integrity of ensuring your success beyond the transaction. It’s totally appreciated!”

Lisa Guidry – CEO, GeauxSource & Extreme Technologies Inc.