eSourcing eSSentials

Never Run Out of Candidates

Learn Advanced Sourcing Techniques to Find Candidates and Contact Information

The Down & Dirty (TL;DR)

  • Immediate Results. Have new people to call within 15 minutes of purchase (on-demand program)
  • LinkedIn. Search Google and see everyone on LinkedIn with no paid upgrade
  • Contact Information. Get anyone’s email address and phone number
  • Messaging. Learn how to reach out to a passive candidate so they engage and respond
  • Uncover Candidates. Find the people your competitors can't and close more deals because of it.
  • Associations & Conferences. Find and download member and attendee lists
  • Social Sourcing. Access thousands of people across numerous social platforms
  • Effective Job Postings. Post jobs the right way so high caliber candidates respond
  • Support. Have lifetime support in our alumni only group, where you can receive updates when techniques change (no need to retake class) and also ask questions and get help on your pressing searches. Forever.

How does it work?

eSourcing eSSentials is all about finding people online. Finding candidates online. Finding hiring managers online. And all of their contact information. We teach this program live two times per year, and offer a robust on-demand program for those that don’t want to wait. Either way, with eSourcing eSSentials we will make it so you never run out of qualified candidates to call. And that’s a big statement.


Katie Roth, President, Aureon

“Tricia and Jason’s eSSentials program is a must “do” for any direct hire recruiter. Their Boolean search training is thorough, they keep up on any changes, and make learning fun. The program greatly reduces the amount of time a recruiter needs to find the right candidate. It is a great value for the investment”

What’s in it for me?

As a result of this program, you’ll:

  • Never run out of new people to contact
  • Gain free access to people at dozens of sites
  • Find anyone’s contact information in moments
  • Enjoy lifetime support live and online
  • Have new leads regularly delivered to your inbox
  • Stop buying leads and lists of prospects
  • Watch your business skyrocket!

I need more people right now!

12 Amazing Modules & 3 Incredible Bonuses

Module #1: Rapid Results

You invest in a course because you need results and you need them right now. We are big believers in immediate results. This program starts with a 5-minute video to teach you a high impact technique that you can put into practice right away. Then you can take the rest of the course.

Module #2: Understand Your Prospects

A Fortune 500 CEO thinks differently that the person who just opened a neighborhood bakery. Both might be considered “the boss,” but that may be where the similarity ends. This module will teach you why to think about the psychology of your prospect (how they write and where they go online) and what you need to consider in order to effectively find them.

Module #3: Advanced Search Skills

Internet search engines often use a form of logic called Boolean which makes it easier for you to find your exact results. By itself, that may seem scary, but we’ll make it easy. Think of a vacation to Spain. You could do that with no Spanish at all, but knowing vino, por favor, and gracias will make your trip easier. We do the same thing for internet search. We’ll teach you a dozen easy “words” that will make all your searching more powerful.

Module #4: Identify Target Companies

In order to find the right people you need to know which companies to go after. It’s easy enough to say, my products or services are perfect for small companies with less than 50 employees, but who are those companies? It’s harder to get to decision makers, buyers and candidates without knowing how to narrow your search to the right companies. This module makes it easy.

Module #5: Corporate Directories

Imagine walking right into the front door of a company. You see an employee sitting at their desk, quietly working. You reach over and grab a company directory off his desk and then scramble out before security arrives. This technique is kinda like that, but without the trespassing, theft and subsequent arrest. We want you to make more money, not get put in jail. Same result, different method.

Module #6: Maps and Phone Numbers

Picture a globe in your office. Imagine being able to lean into that globe so closely you could see every building. What if it even told you the name, phone number, address and website. Would that help you find targets? This exists, only it’s way too big to fit in your office. Unless you can see it all virtually. That’s where we come in. Find new companies, or all the information you need about companies you already know.

Module #7: Automating Your Results

What if you could see the future? When you search the internet, you’re searching the past. But what if you could automate your searches to let you know when new information was added that met your criteria? We’ll teach you a free, easy method for doing that. Information and prospects you need can be delivered right to your inbox right when Google finds them. Days from now, or months from now. You won’t have to keep searching, new information will come to you.

Module #8: See Everyone On LinkedIn

LinkedIn wants you too see all their members. They want you to know that half a billion people are on it (about 25% of Facebook, but still huge). But LinkedIn also wants you to pay for upgraded service to see all of those possible sales prospects. They even have an expensive tools like LinkedIn Recruiter and Sales Navigator. You don’t need any upgraded account to see every person, regardless of whether or not you’re connected to them. We’ll show you how.

Module #9: Pictures to People

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a thousand pictures worth? Can you turn words into money? (If you can’t imagine doing that, you probably shouldn’t be trying to sell anything!) These tools will let you see the pictures, and often a bio and contact information of thousands of potential targets. When Google searches through images, it’s a whole different search engine with totally different results. It’s very easy and often overlooked.

Module #10: Favorite Sites to Search

With two decades of using these techniques, and almost half of that teaching them, we’ve got some old standbys. The sites we use that have driven millions of dollars into our students’ accounts. We want to do the same for you. Discover our favorite places to find, learn about, and contact specific people in this module. For those who ask where we got started, it’s often right here. We’ll cover a handful of our absolute favorites and show you how to see everyone.

Module #11: The Open Internet

LinkedIn wants you too see all their members. They want you to know that half a billion people are on it (about 25% of Facebook, but still huge). But LinkedIn also wants you to pay for upgraded service to see all of those possible sales prospects. They even have an expensive tools like LinkedIn Recruiter and Sales Navigator. You don’t need any upgraded account to see every person, regardless of whether or not you’re connected to them. We’ll show you how.

Module #12: Conferences & Associations

Most industries have an association and one or more meetings a year. IF you can make it there in person, you will be exposed to many of the right people all at once. But that’s a big IF when you’re just starting out. Instead, what if you could see who is in the association or who went to those conferences? You’d have all the same information, but with more time to gather it and act on it. This is the culmination of our techniques and should be the last module you learn.

Module #13: Candidate Specific Searching

When you need to hire someone, you want to look at their resume. In this module we’ll demonstrate specific searches you can do to find resumes online through open internet searches, as well as how to target resumes on sites like Indeed and other, less known, job boards. If you are not working in recruiting or staffing, nor have direct hiring responsibilities, you should be looking at eSourcing eSSentials without the plus. Here’s a link.

Module #14: Mail Mastery

When reaching out to a passive candidate, you can’t pitch them a job. This mistake is made by the vast majority of professionals in staffing and recruiting. When you approach a candidate and present the opportunity, you make it all about yourself. In a tight labor market you need to make it all about the candidate in order to get them to engage. You’ll learn a number of tested subject lines to get your email opened, and what exactly to say in the body of the email to increase engagement massively. Some students have seen a response rate to first email increase by 100 – 300%.

Module #15: Posting Perfection

When you invest hundreds of dollars for each job posting, you don’t want it to be a waste of money and time. This module will demonstrate all of the tested components to effective job postings. We’ll show you the one statement to make in an ad that increases the quantity of qualified and interested job seekers. Stop wasting money posting ineffective job descriptions. This one module will leverage the money you’re already spending to attract people to your roles.

Bonus #1: Find Anyone’s Email Address

A failure to reach out to your prospects isn’t laziness. It isn’t procrastination. It isn’t even fear. It’s simply failure. We will take away one more excuse to not succeed. This session will show you our technique which delivers the email address of over 90% of people. Or really, the pattern recognition so you can just figure it out on your own. You’ll learn how to find it, validate it and troubleshoot the difficult ones.

Bonus #2: Revenue Generating Tools

There are so many cheap and even free resources available which will help you be more profitable. Inside, you will find tools to help you get lifetime subscriptions to software, for less than the cost of a single month. You will find how we do our proposals, which are frequently loved by our clients. Want to secretly see who opens your emails, where, when and how often. You can do it for free. There’s more too, but you have to enroll to get this bonus.

Bonus #3: Saving Base Search Strings

If you don’t already use your bookmarks or know what we mean by Base Search Strings, you’re in for a treat. The reason so many searches go wrong is a simple typo. But this technique will stop that from happening to you. Think of it like having all the equations written on an index card before the big math test. This is the index card. Not only will you ace the test, but you’ll have so much extra time once you implement these techniques.

I want to never run out of prospects.

Who should take eSourcing eSSentials?

Anyone that needs to find people and is involved in hiring

In all seriousness, there are a ton of people who will benefit from learning these techniques:

  • Headhunters, recruiters and anyone working in staffing
  • Inside sales people responsible for generating leads
  • Outside sales people responsible for closing new deals
  • Entrepreneurs who know they need the right people
  • Speakers, coaches and consultants who need clients
  • Anyone involved in any level of online research

Wait! I still have questions.

Don’t worry. We have answers.

How technical do I need to be to do this course?

Not technical at all. We’ve had students that didn’t know what a browser was or how to right click. If you have a computer and you can get to Google, we can teach you how to do all of this. You’ll learn how to save everything right into your browser so you won’t need to even refer back to your workbooks or videos. Some people can learn quickly, some need to go slower. Some people do great with videos, and others want their training live. Regardless of how you learn best, we’ve got you covered.

What follow up support will I receive?

It depends on whether you do on-demand or live. With both, you’ll get workbooks, search string documents, and lifetime access to our online forum. Jason, Tricia, and hundreds of past students are on there every day to make sure you get your questions answered. With on-demand, you’ll also have recordings of every session, and the full program broken into micro learning modules for easy recall. Additionally, you’ll have access to monthly QA sessions and monthly live learning sessions. If you really want to learn how to source, on-demand is the way to go.

Do I get access to all of it at once?

Only if you invest in the on-demand program. Then you can binge learn if you want, or do a little bit at a time. Whatever works for you. People think we’re crazy for giving you full access but we know how life changing this material is and we want you to have it right away.

How long do I have access to the program, group and live QA sessions?

The eSSentials Forum private group is forever, which means lifetime support. You’ll have access to the training modules and live QA sessions for one year. If you want to renew at the end of a year, we allow you to do so for half price.

What if I have multiple people in my company. Can I train them all?

Yes and No. When you buy eSourcing eSSentials On Demand, you buy one individual seat for a year of QA and lifetime access to The eSSentials Forum. Everyone in your office can watch the videos, but only one person can attend QA and be part of our amazing group. Each additional user is $1000 per year. If you are interested in adding additional users, send Tricia an email at She’ll get you covered.

Is this ethical? Are you hacking?

Yes and No. Yes it’s ethical, and no we aren’t hacking. Almost everything in this program starts with a Google search. You’re not on the dark web, you won’t be breaking into databases or circumventing firewalls. There’s no password manipulation. It’s all good, clean internet search, just at an advanced level. Think of it like a good accountant. Nothing they do is illegal, but they do understand the loopholes and know how to leverage them. That’s what we do for the internet.

Enthusiastic Love From Past Clients

Jamey Jackson

-EVP, JC Malone

“Moore eSSentials has been my sourcing partner of choice for over 5 years. Tricia and Jason know exactly how to consistently develop new strategic content and unroll it to the student in a way that makes perfect sense. Their ability to connect creative technology driven sourcing techniques with the talent acquisition process makes them a unique partner that is not readily available in the market today. If you’re looking for intuitive “ahead of the curve” sourcing strategies pick Moore eSSentials as your new partner! ”

Jordan Rayboy

-President, Rayboy Search

“I’m a big fan of Jason and Tricia. My researcher has produced millions in fees from candidates she sourced using your methods.”

Joe Beale

Managing Partner, Beale Personnel

“The training is intense. It takes a real commitment. But from the first session, I was finding prospective candidates I would not have found any other way. What is equally important is the service after the sale. Jason and Tricia are always available to assist when traditional methods are not delivering the needed results. My investment in the Moore methodology is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I encourage others to give it a try.”

This is your last chance. Register Now.

Dixie Agostino

-Owner, Switchgear Search and Recruiting

“Tricia Tamkin’s classes are worth every penny and more. I’ve taken several and always made my money back in spades, in fact, her classes were the reason we were able to get the quality candidates we needed to set ourselves apart from the competition as a new firm. Our whole recruiting team has taken her sourcing class, Tricia is required training now.”

Cori Sachais

-Manufacturing Headhunter, Mindful Recruiting Solutions

“I recently completed the eSourcing course and it was awesome! Being a headhunter for 20 years, it’s great to learn new and updated ways to source candidates while saving money by not having to pay for the high priced resources out there. Plus, I learned ways to find people that I know most headhunters are not using so it’s another way to stand out from others by finding individuals other recruiters aren’t finding! A ton of useful information and I have already found individuals for searches I’m doing that I wouldn’t have found otherwise.”

Jackie Gibson

-Hospitality Headhunter, Harris Lane & Warner Hospitality Search

“Tricia is one of the best in the headhunting industry, especially as it pertains to client acquisition strategies and sourcing for candidates. A most excellent coach and teacher, she educates her students at a good pace and trust me when I say there is little to no fluff! Every sentence she utters is worth retaining. A master in her field, she offers a fresh approach to prospecting and sourcing candidates. Beyond her stellar professional traits, she is an incredible person and I bet she gets invited to a lot of social functions!”

Marli Palarino

-Managing Director, Palarino Partners

“Hands down, Tricia’s sourcing methodology is THE BEST in the marketplace. You are taught how to fully control your sourcing needs, and ensure that you know how to find exactly what you need. I took her course 7 years ago, and her methods still serve me to this day in searching for the right candidates and clients. I have saved so much time from having implemented her methodology, that I recommend her services to anyone who wants to fully master sourcing!”

Rick Romo

-Outside Sales Consultant, Mobility Partners of Houston

“As an instructor for the eSSentials course, Tricia does an excellent job of taking technical material and delivering it in a fun yet thorough way. She makes sure every student understands the curriculum through an interactive process that leaves no one behind. I also appreciated Tricia’s quick response to email questions outside of class. Very helpful. A true professional.”

Matthew Moses

-Principal, CrossOver Recruiting

“Nine years. I believe it’s been nine years since my first eSSentials class with Tricia and Moore eSSentials. Nine years on, and I still make daily use of the tools she and Jason taught, and continue to teach as the course evolves. Her depth of knowledge of the subject matter obviously comes from years of practical experience. I’ve found Tricia’s ability to clearly and patiently explain the content with just the right amount of wit injected to be her greatest gift. The tools Moore eSSentials teaches are, in my opinion, required learning for any recruiter who wants to run an efficient, effective, and authentic/human practice. You set the goals that are right for you and your business, and they’ll provide you the tools to make it happen!”

Will Branning

-Senior Corporate Recruiter, MORI Associates

“Tricia was a superb trainer in patiently and thoroughly explaining many types of methods to source with boolean searches and related esourcing techniques. She also provided good reminders and tips in the general area of recruiting. I highly recommend her and the Moore eSSentials Group for great training.”

Pat Batchelor

-President, Engineering Search Partners Inc.

“I highly recommend the Essentials class if you are sourcing potential candidates. This class helped me to use the internet so much more than I thought possible. To cast a wide net and then quickly cull through the results to find the RIGHT CATCH! Interesting format, Great Content, Entertaining, and at times quite humorous. Best Bang for the Recruiter Training Buck!”

Tony O'Neill

-President, Highline Outdoor Group

“Tricia and Jason are the world’s foremost experts in sourcing high quality, nose to the grindstone, difficult to locate individuals, who fly well under the radar. They have developed an invaluable way of helping recruiters understand complex competitive intelligence principles that yield the right individuals. The Moore eSSentials Team was the single most impactful investment Highline Outdoor Group has made.”

Patty Hampton

-Vice President & Managing Partner, Nonprofit HR

“Tricia was a fabulous trainer in Boolean Sourcing, actually she was masterful. I truly appreciated her guidance, approach and attitude toward making sure that we understood the parameters of Boolean sourcing even if we were new. Knowing that you can stay connected through a forum was even better. There are so many times when you invest and then you are set out to pasture on your own. Thank goodness, Tricia doesn’t use this approach. Tricia also took time to speak with me prior to my decision to invest in the course and as a managing partner there were times when I wanted to run for the hills, but I stuck with the training. I have also invested in one of my top producers to be trained too. Tricia and her side kick Jason (LOL) who is actually a genius as well are super-fantastic.”

Melanie Stern

-Founder, Melanie Recruits

“Tricia has taken the best practices of traditional executive search methods and catapulted them far into the 21st century in two wickedly effective ways. First, by converting them in a profoundly simple and elegant way to work within the boundaries of social media and second, by deconstructing her expert knowledge of e-sourcing and laying it out in easily understandable chunks that, when put into practice on a daily basis, will guarantee success to any recruiter lucky enough to take her course. It took me less than a week to find a buried, local, Purple Squirrel that NO ONE would ever have surfaced. Unless they took one of Tricia’s e-Sourcing workshops….”

Maggie Davis

-Lead Recruiter, Ceridian

“I completed the eSSentials program facilitated by Tricia Tamkin and Jason Thibeault. Tricia taught me techniques that have helped me surface information I would not have otherwise known about. She is an expert and someone I would highly recommend to recruiters at any level of experience. She has definitely made me a better recruiter!”

Patricia Allioux

-Stategic Headhunter, A&A Consultants

“The eSSentials program with Tricia was simply amazing, she turns the way to use the searches simple.She has so much knowledge and energy to give !! Thank you so much Tricia !!”

Cindy Hewitt

-Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Macdonald Communities Limited

“I’m not a recruiter, but I had an opportunity via a Business Mastery course recently to participate in what is typically recruiter training / consulting, but customized for entrepreneurs . Tricia and Jason at Moore eSSentials rebuild hiring and recruiting processes, but I was looking to understand Facebook Sourcing Training, to leverage a lot of the great functionality within Facebook and other social media platforms, to develop and grow business by identifying my ideal clients in a more targeted manner. They showed me tools I wasn’t even familiar with, and which could be put to practical use right away. Better yet, they taught it in such a way that makes it easy for anyone to learn…and enjoy. The knowledge, experience & expertise they shared saves precious time and money I would have spent doing things the hard way…by lots of trial and error. They’re like a one-stop shop for sourcing your ideal customers.”

Jennifer Garcia

-Recruiting Coordinator, Veritas Recruiting Group

“I took the eSourcing eSSentials course by Moore eSSentials. Tricia and Jason are the most entertaining Boolean wizards. Their course in sourcing on-line opened my rookie recruiter eyes into the different avenues of sourcing. They made the class fun and easy to understand, while answering all our questions. This class showed me techniques that will help me build a sturdy foundation in recruiting for years to come. The amount of information given in this course can be overwhelming, but Tricia and Jason take the time to break everything down. They make sure everyone understands before moving on. You will get your money’s worth with all the information provided.They do not stop there though, once the course is completed you have a connection to the Facebook forum that allows you to ask even more questions. Tricia and Jason, thank you for the knowledge and I hope to take more courses in the future!”

Julie Willard

-Owner, The Willard Group

“The eSourcing eSSentials course really opened my eyes that searching on-line goes WAY beyond Linkedin Recruiter, and that no one search string is the “magic bullet” to finding the right candidate. Tricia and Jason bring a wealth of knowledge about how to create a variety of search strings that capture people from many different places; places most of us would never have thought about! Even though I am a seasoned Recruiter, I believe I am now totally better equipped to find talent on-line than I ever was before. Their course is jam-packed with a ton of information so you definitely get your money’s worth! They also have a very good question period following each class in which they answer ALL your questions and correct the students search strings, which is super helpful. Great job Tricia and Jason and I look forward to your Mail Mastery course.”

Charles Kriston

-Executive Recruiter, Charles Kriston Group

“I completed an on-line training course that was masterfully crafted by Tricia. The power of sourcing using Boolean and other internet tools have allowed me to reach candidates I sensed were accessible, but did not know how to reach. In addition to be strong in these skills she is also empathetic to the student as we are exposed to powerful tools in a short period of time and are unable to complete cycles of learning to establish mastery of the skills.”

Patti Avornyoh

-Founder, Pierce Locke & Associates

“I never write recommendations for just anyone but this one is truly deserved. I was a student in Tricia’s class and the thing that impressed me the most was her professionalism, knowledge of the industry, accurate if not perfect answers to questions. Although, the class was online it was almost like being in the classroom physically. I highly recommend Tricia as my knowledge of sourcing increased under Tricia’s tutelage.”

Don Cornell

-Executive Recruiter, Cornell Executive Recruiting

“Tricia is an outstanding trainer who delivers valuable content clearly and efficiently. Her eSSentials program, presented jointly with Jason Thibeault, is comprised of four three-hour live interactive webinar sessions plus four one-hour Q&A sessions. The program is extremely valuable for veterans and rookies too. And, because they are working recruiters, the lessons are reality-based with several examples from recruiting engagements. From beginning to end, I was completely impressed that both Tricia and Jason were masters of their profession and of the specific techniques taught in the eSSentials program.”

Toddie Downs

-Project Coordinator, Olson Search International Inc.

“The depth of knowledge Tricia has about eSourcing in the eSSentials class is nothing short of mind-blowing. She is extremely thorough, but also, like the very best teachers, very enthusiastic and passionate about the subject. I also greatly appreciated her accessibility to questions outside class via email.”

Becci Bowen

-Office Manager, X-Tax 1 Day Tax Service

“Tricia and Jason had me in their “eSSentials eSourcing” course and it was a great course to take. I feel the information was given in great detail and well taught. The webinar was fun and interactive, not boring and impersonal. Professionally this information is beyond useful to finding everything I need and I am eager to take the next step with them in February in their “Advanced eSSentials.”

Jon Olson

-President, Olson Search International Inc.

“I have nothing but the highest praise for Tricia as an instructor, and eSSentials is a course packed with outstanding content.”

Nena ColemanGray

-Senior Recruiting Specialist, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

“Tricia is a very thorough and capable trainer. I completed the eSSentials Webinar training to boost my sourcing skills and it was absolutely worth it. I would recommend her for any staffing-related consulting or training, she has many years of experience and she really knows what she’s doing.”

Mike Martin

-Vice President, Highline Outdoor Group

“The eSSentials training provides immediate returns with sourcing passive candidates for open job orders. It is an incredible value from both a time and cost perspective and the returns can be measured right away. We’ve missed big on some past training from industry “experts” and I was hesitant to commit the spend but the techniques we learned are invaluable. I am very thankful she talked me into the class and she delivered way past my expectations!!!”

Dick Bordwell

-President, GRN Fairfax

“When it comes to getting the most up to date methods for finding and researching available talent on the internet, Tricia is truly an expert in this field. The training she has provided over the last several weeks cover a number of diverse topics on internet sourcing and provide immediate results. The classes move quickly, are laced with humor, and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The best part is the ability to fully cover questions and receive immediate feedback on the topics being covered in a weekly question and answer period. If you’re serious about getting your internet sourcing skills to another level, then Tricia can teach you those skills to get there, and then continue to keep you up to date on new developments. . .”

Heather Gray

-Owner, Search Services

“I hired Tricia initially for my team, then took her e-sourcing class myself recently. As an 18 year recruiting veteran, I was sure I knew it all. I was wrong! I am a self described computer dinosaur, and even I was able to understand and follow the techniques and tips she and Jason taught us. I was amazed at how revolutionary some of them were, and how much more productive my team and I will be, due to this training. They are an amazing team, and I look forward to sending the rest of my office to their training.”

Andy Wrubel

-Senior Recruiter, Managed Health Care Associates Inc.

“I took an eSourcing class with Tricia. She was very knowledgeable and a great trainer. I also enjoyed her enthusiastic and jovial personality. I am using what she taught now on a daily basis.”

Andrew Alexander

-Director of Recruiting, The Brandt Companies

“I’ve spent 9 years doing my own sourcing – tried several different methods from overseas services with the “list will be ready for you in the morning” motto to monthly software tools where “its easy, type in company name and you’ll get everything plus we are always updating records.”

The results were a huge amount of names and most not in my space and I’d have to scrub the lists clean. I officially went from headhunter to admin. The second attempt to remedy the mass volume issue was to spend a significant amount of time on the front end managing the input to increase accuracy. That was a little better but not enough … finally – frustrated I went back to tried and true. Me, my mouth, a phone and Google.

As recently as last year I had given up and just formulated the excuse that my niche was “special” and “too small” for these tools therefore not for me.

Then we attended a couple of wait,-don’t-hang-up – if-you-call-right-now -you- wil-l also- receive type ” teaser ” seminars with Tricia and her team. Right out of the gate the accuracy was spot on – coupled with the small time commitment on the front end. I had new names and was on the phone quickly.

As my office grew – I comitted and signed up for eesentials. I now had a couple of ancillary verticals that needed “good stock” quickly. I literally skipped in my office after a specific esourcing lesson which landed me a bunch of names I did not know existed.

Its been Christmas in May this year. Lots of lists, attendees, association books and finding new competitors to my clients.

For kicks I took a search out of my vertical from a colleague in my office and within 5 minutes and adjustments to my eyes from all the “;” “no space” “minus this and that” I had 15 names his ballpark …

After this class is almost like I can start a side business entertaining recruiters at parties taking a few key words from their job orders and quickly turning up a list … like Tarot card reading or face painting for headhunters.”

Joseph Beale

-Morgan Sourcing Specialist, Beale Personnel Inc.

“In over 20 years in the industry, I have never found anyone so kowledgeable, who is so willing to share, and gets tremendous pleasure from making her clients successful. Hats off to the best! Student of Tricia’s E-sourcing course.”

Buddy Webster

-Partner, LEADERS Professional Recruiting Inc.

“Tricia is an expert in electronic sourcing of candidates and an excellent instructor of those same skills. Her training has been very instrumental in changing the way we do business at LEADERS Professional Recruting, Inc. I plan on having any new employees take her course as part of their initial training.”

Mark Hope

-CEO, Asymmetric Applications Group

“Tricia is an amazing trainer. Her experience and insight into the world of e-sourcing and Internet search are unparalleled. I strongly recommend her to anyone that wants to learn how to find candidates using unique search methodologies.”

Bruce Bauer

-President, Executive Career Consultants Inc.

“First, I am appreciative of what I have learned as a result of her experience in sourcing! Second, she is excellent at delivering her ideas!”

Samuel Ebeyer

-Assistant Operations Manager, Torq Lite

“Tricia is a consummate professional with an extensive understanding of the logic and syntax necessary for effective e-Sourcing. Her methods have been extremely useful and I have immediately utilized what I have learned with success. The world is changing; e-Sourcing is the equivalent of using an excavator when I’d grown accustomed to using a shovel. There is a learning curve but with a little practice and a little study, the methods will speak for themselves.”

Brad Robertson

-Consulting Partner, Robertson Human Asset Management Inc.

“Question: Can you recommend someone that is an expert trainer in internet search techniques for the recruiting industry?

Google Search:
“rock star” trainer “boolean logic” “(esourcing OR “e-sourcing”) (training OR program OR webinar)” (“black magic” OR hacker OR genius OR expert) -boring -dull ~amazing

Tricia Tamkin, ECRE and Jason Thibeault, ECRE”

Nadeen Bennett

-Vice President of Client Management, Sterling-Hoffman Life Sciences

“I had the pleasure of attending a two day in house e-sourcing clinic with Tricia as our leader. She was able to in plain english explain how to use the tools to take our business to the next level. She ensured that everyone was “good to go” before moving on and took the time needed. It was two days very well spent!”

Natasha Garcia

-Advisor, True North Scotiabank Solutions Center

“Tricia was one of our trainors for a two day Esourcing training seminar in Winnipeg, MB. She is very good at communicating/training the theory to us during. Great instructor!”

Ian Steeves

-Business Development Director, TEAMS Transport

“I had the privilege of attending the e-sourcing training conducted by Tricia and Jason last week. It was amazing. In fact I was able to put some of the ideas into action my first day back in the office. Looking forward to what she comes up with next”

Kevin Tennant

-Partner, Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge

“Tricia was a Trainer at the eSourcing workshop that I attended recently. Unlike many workshops, we spent the vast majority of the time applying the skills we learned. Tricia spent considerable time “desk-side” coaching us through. The workshop was so valuable because Tricia has walked in our shoes.. it was practical and immediately useful. It also became very clear that she lives to a very high ethical standard in her business and personal life. “

Mary Elmer

-Executive Search Consultant, Personnel Associates

“Well done, Tricia, it was a pleasure to learn from a Master of eSorcery! You exceeded my high expectations and made learning advanced Boolean search techniques fun. I finally have the foundation for e-sourcing best practices.”

John Dunlap

-Owner, John Dunlap and Company Inc.

“Tricia and her training partner, Jason Thibeault, were dynamic and engaging through an intensive course of instruction, forcing me to learn and apply Boolean methodology to my somewhat retro recruiting arsenal.
The decision to hire Tricia to guide our quick move out to the leading edge was fortunate: I am now getting fast, fantastic results in both the sourcing and contact phase of executive search work, utilizing advanced search strings in the creative manner she so ably teaches. It has been an amazing value-add for a classically trained recruiter like myself. I’ve found I’ve had to throw away almost nothing. To the contrary, principles which have brought success in the past are now being used more profitably.”

Susan Laser

-Sales Manager, CarMax

“I just finished Tricia’s eSSentials class, and it was well worth the investment! I learned some wonderful new and useful skills, and was able to begin using these skills after only our first session. Her expert knowledge would be useful to any recruiter!”

Dodie Thomas

-Executive Search Consultant, CliftonLarsonAllen Search

“Tricia’s eSSentials training rocks!”

Christina Grisillo

-Contracts Administrator, NavCom Defense Electronics

“I took essentials through Tricia January 2012. With being a newer recruiter in my industry I have found this course to be extremely helpful. I never knew there was a technique out there with name sourcing besides calling straight into companies. I can write search strings on my own time and be able to recruit during my normal business hours without wasting anytime. I would definitely recommend this course.”

Christina Martin

-Project Manager, Rayboy Insider Search

“I recently had the pleasure of attending the eSSentials course, which was amazing! I really enjoyed the information taught in the class as well as Tricia and her wonderful teaching skills. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to greatly improve their searching capabilities. Ive also never had so many takeaways from one course as I did from this one. Thanks again Tricia!”

Suzanne Ramos

-Managing Partner, Excelon Partners

“Tricia is a savvy, dynamic trainer with great expertise in the finest points of e-sourcing. She provided me with techniques I would never have found on my own and that I expect will greatly enhance my pool of high-performance candidates.”

Cody Ruby

-Managing Partner, Astute Search

“Tricia practices what she preaches therefore is constantly innovating the training material to benefit students and her own business.
She was always willing to move at the collective pace of our class or kept her door open offline for additional questions. Tricia’s training style was well received by all in our group. Any executive recruiter looking for new paths in sourcing passive candidates will quickly get their ROI if they participate in and implement Tricia’s eSSentials tutelage.”

Greg Todesco

-Professional Recruiter, Ahead Hunters

“In my time working with Tricia I learnt much more than I expected. Going in I thought I was great at searching, only to find out that I was good. After the class I realized what great was.

Tricia has a passion for the material, a passion for business and in her teaching all of that comes out – she truely is one of the best in our industry, and a business woman who I greatly respect. Although the class was focused on sourcing online, personally I learnt so much more about the business of recruiting, and saw first hand the result of hard work as a business professional in Tricia. I feel honoured to have taken this course with her, and I highly reccomend working with Tricia in this class, as a client, candidate or partner.”

Andrew Moore

-Managing Editor, S&P Global Platts

“For any recruiter wishing to exponentially amplify their desk, I would highly recommend enrolling in Tricia’s e-sourcing class. Not only does she know her way around the internet like she helped invent it, Tricia is incredibly passionate about sharing her knowledge and teaching students how to harness the latest search tools and methodologies to ferret out hard-to-find candidates.”

Tom Aprill

-Human Resources and Talent Acquisition, AFV Partners

“Excellent partner with strong sourcing capabilities. I would recommend Wolf Technologies for professional, executive level search assignments.”

Jackie Gibson

-Hospitality Headhunter, Harris Lane & Warner Hospitality Search

“Jason is fantastic beyond words! In addition to being a master of client acquisition and sourcing for the headhunting industry, he is at the top of his field. He offers a fresh and dynamic approach to client acquisition and he teaches seemingly 100+ ways to source candidates! His teachings have been a game changer for my headhunting success. Equally important to his professional wisdom, he is an impressionable person; very kind, personable, and friendly – the type of person we all want to know!”

Victoria Travis

-Veterinarian Recruiter,

“I have worked with Jason Thibault as a recruiter coach for the past two years. His greatest assets are his knowledge base of sourcing and recruiting techniques and his dry sense of humor. He has a special ability to make the difficult almost easy. In my experience, this is a sure sign of mastery. He loves a challenge: thrives on it in fact. So whatever your challenge in the recruiting arena, please consider contacting him. You will sleep better and your business will thrive.”

Amy Martin

-Owner, THHG Consulting

“I attended an online webinar that Jason and his partner hosted which was great! I learned practical and simple ways to control my expenses as a business owner and generate niche category leads very quickly. Between their consulting, online classes and recruiting services, this is a great business that delivers value! Thanks again!”

Cindy Hewitt

-Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Macdonald Communities Limited

“I had an opportunity recently to participate in recruiter training / consulting customized for entrepreneurs . Moore eSSentials provides training on hiring and recruiting processes, but I was looking to understand Facebook Sourcing Training, and other marketing tips and tricks to develop and grow business. They showed me tools I hadn’t seen before, to help me find my ideal clients, which could be put to practical use right away. They’re made it simple, fun, and are like a one-stop shop for sourcing your ideal customers. Definitely time well spent. Thx Jason!”

Robbie Sewell

-CEO, Saddlebrook Associates

“Jason Thibeault is a perfect complement to his partner, Tricia Tamkin, in bringing the most refreshing, captivating, intellectually stimulating training program to the recruitment industry via the comprehensive Moore eSSentials curriculum. Jason is a technical expert in sourcing and a philosophical/psychological ninja who translates human behavior into a recruitment methodology that disregards hackneyed sales techniques and defers to a more rational, enjoyable approach. I recommend Jason without reservation. You will profit greatly by being one of his students in any of the Moore programs, and I recommend them all!”

Rick Romo

-Mobility Partners of Houston, Outside Sales Consultant

“I recently completed the Morgan Consulting Group eSSentials: An Intro to eSourcing course taught by Jason and Tricia Tamkin. Not only did Jason do a great job of helping his students understand the material through his teaching methods, his instruction didn’t end there. I was able to earn my MSS certification as a direct result of Jason’s willingness to help and provide consultation well after the course was over. He doesn’t just teach the concept, he helps you learn it.”

Chanel Daehn

-CEO, Choice Staffing

“Want to make more money – quicker, smarter, faster and above all BETTER than your competition? This is the class to take. My mind was blown on the language and search tactics I learned in the Morgan eSSentials class….and wondered why has it taken me this long to jump on board. After four weeks (I will admit, intense) – not only did I walk away with usable, applicable information that I immediately put to use…but by class 3 I had sourced a candidate not found on traditional boards/ web pages…and had her offer letter in hand by class 4! Tricia and Jason – your ability to make it understandable, user friendly and fun goes unmatched. Thank you!”

Steve Schulman

-CEO, GRN Hudson Valley

“First of all the course on eSourcing taught by Tricia and Jason is outstanding and took my present skills in using search strings and the internet up 20 times. The recall material is outstanding and everything taught in the class is captured for future use. In addition it is an outstanding value and will have an exponential effect in time on my billings.

Support even after the class is outstanding and evergreen. A foundation is in place to get help and continue to improve my skill to an even higher level.

They never stop wanting to help past and current students.

If your a recruiter you would be a fool not to take this as well as other training classes they offer!”

Ellen Small

-President, Proctor Small Associates, LLC

“Jason is not only an expert in Sourcing Techniques, he is incredibly smart and funny! Oh, and an outstanding adult instructor. He and Tricia Tamkin provide training that leaves you understanding the content, the process and the context in search and sourcing techniques and they do it in the best possible way – FUN! Jason is quick to help and even though he is way smarter than I am, never makes me feel like a dunce when I don’t get something. He and Tricia are truly outstanding people and I’m glad to have worked with them.”

Nicole Dessain

-Chief Talent Experience Designer, Talent Imperative Inc

“Jason is a “wizard” when it comes to Boolean talent search. As a member of my Talent Scout team at CEC he frequently trained other team members to improve the entire team’s ability in this area. Jason was one of the top performers on the team due to his search background and creative way of approaching each assignment. He successfully took on some of the hardest search assignments. Jason also helped to design and execute our military vet sourcing strategy. Jason would be an asset to any sourcing team.”

Tony O'Neill

-President, Highline Outdoor Group

“I’ve spent nearly a decade working with some of the strongest recruiting specialists in the industry and Jason Thiebeult is by far one the foremost experts in our space. His ability to communicate cutting edge sourcing techniques along with proven recruiting processes was instrumental in helping take my business to the next level. Not only is Jason highly passionate about his work, he also is a really great person.”

Brad Robertson

-Consulting Partner, Robertson Human Asset Management Inc.

“Question: Can you recommend someone that is an expert trainer in internet search techniques for the recruiting industry?

Google Search:
“rock star” trainer “boolean logic” “(esourcing OR “e-sourcing”) (training OR program OR webinar)” (“black magic” OR hacker OR genius OR expert) -boring -dull ~amazing

Tricia Tamkin, ECRE and Jason Thibeault, ECRE”

Cara Houshmand

-Career Coach, Free Lance

“I highly recommend Tricia and Jason’s eSSentials: An Intro to eSourcing. It is much more than Boolean searching and they delve into the why’s and how behind it so you walk away with a deep understanding and ability to effectively put all of the information together. I was finding better candidates after week 1, 4 sessions later and I am routinely finding those “purple squirrels” in less time that it used to find mediocre candidates. Jason’s ability to break things down and calmly explain them was invaluable– he really is the “Professor of eSorcery.”

Robb Mulberger

-President, NRI Staffing

“Jason has the eSourcing/eSearching process wired!! Great material delivered in as of now 2 webinars… easy to follow…easy to implement. Quick turn around on questions. Many thanks Jason!!”

Jonathan Watson

-Senior Customer Service Clerk, Houston Public Library

“I took the Morgan Consulting Introduction to eSourcing with Jason. I have to say that Jason is a master educator. His dedication to both the curriculum and his students is second to none. He posesses both that golden ability in a trainer to explain seemingly complex concepts in a clear, concise manner and absolute mastery of the subject matter.”

Susan Leonard

-Executive Recruiter, ACE OKC LLC

“Jason, I just wanted to let you know that due to the esourcing training I received from you that I found the COO of my client’s dreams! Without your techniques, I would have never uncovered this rainmaking executive. My bank account thanks you! I highly recommend Jason. His training style worked well for both the young techies in our class and the old dogs like me! What I learned has paid off unimaginably.”

Robbie Sewell

-Healthcare Executive Recruiter, Saddlebrook Associates

“Jason is a technical expert in sourcing and a philosophical/psychological ninja who translates human behavior into a recruitment methodology that disregards hackneyed sales techniques and defers to a more rational, enjoyable approach… You will profit greatly by being one of his students in any of the Moore programs.”

Meredith Daly

-President, Advanced Search & Placement Inc.

“As President of the Georgia Association of Personnel Services, I invited Tricia and Jason to conduct a full day training session for our organization and the response from the attendees was fantastic! Everyone had a great time and we all walked away with fabulous new sourcing and development tools we could implement right away.Working with them to arrange this training was a real treat.Tricia is one of the most organized people you’ll meet, so it was a pleasure working with her to pull the event together.In true Moore eSSentials form, Tricia made herself my partner. We can’t wait to have them back!”

Julie Willard

-President, The Willard Group

“I was looking to leverage a lot of the great functionality within Facebook to develop and grow business by identifying my ideal clients in a more targeted manner. They showed me tools I wasn’t even familiar with, and which could be put to practical use right away. Better yet, they taught it in such a way that makes it easy for anyone to learn…and enjoy. They’re like a one-stop shop for sourcing your ideal customers.”

Cindy Hewitt

-Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Macdonald Communities Limited

“I was looking to leverage a lot of the great functionality within Facebook to develop and grow business by identifying my ideal clients in a more targeted manner. They showed me tools I wasn’t even familiar with, and which could be put to practical use right away. Better yet, they taught it in such a way that makes it easy for anyone to learn…and enjoy. They’re like a one-stop shop for sourcing your ideal customers.”

Jason Huls

-Senior Video Producer, Midwestern University

“After taking Tricia and Jason’s eSourcing program, I can’t fathom how someone wouldn’t have consistent work if their techniques are implemented properly. Beyond that, what they teach can be applied to any kind of online searching. It’s extremely useful information. To say their tips are out-of-the-box is an understatement”

Jamey Jackson

-Executive Vice President, Malone Workforce Solutions

“Moore eSSentials has been my sourcing partner of choice for over 5 years. Tricia and Jason know exactly how to consistently develop new strategic content and unroll it to the student in a way that makes perfect sense. Their ability to connect creative technology driven sourcing techniques with the talent acquisition process makes them a unique partner that is not readily available in the market today. If you’re looking for intuitive “ahead of the curve” sourcing strategies pick Moore eSSentials as your new partner! “

Charlotte Law

-Commercial Lines Manager, Kinghorn Insurance Agency of Beaufort, LLC.

“Tricia is quite the trainer! She is well-versed in her field and was always available for questions. Tricia’s knowledge has already helped me source quality candidates that would have normally been buried out in the world wide web. I would recommend this course for any recruiter, especially for a new recruiter like me! Thanks, Tricia! “

Elizabeth Luchsinger

-Human Resources Generalist, TASC

“I recently received training from Tricia. She provided the most thorough search string training that I have ever experienced. Tricia is enthusiastic and a great trainer. I would recommend Tricia for anyone required to perform research.”

Michael Teske

-Advisory Board Member, Chicago Recruiters

“Tricia and Jason are a verifiable treasure trove of information on the efficient use of Boolean searches for lazer focused, high quality searches. After taking their webinar course, I was able to cut the time of my searches in half, and be able to come back with greater accuracy and relevancy on the candidate backgrounds.

Also, Jason has a fantastic hat.”

Paul Fairchild

-Consultant, FOODPRO and Consumer Products Recruiting, Inc.

“I just completed two of Tricia’s classes and found them a wealth of practical, applicable techniques that have already helped me find great candidates. Her knowledge is tremendous and her teaching is filled with great, positive energy. I highly recommend her.”

Gerald Grovenstein

-Sales Representative, Will Hudson Agency

“Tricia is an excellent trainer and would highly recommend for anyone to attend any of her classes. She is a Master of eSorcery!”

Walter Masnyk

-President, JRC Rubicon Crossed Ltd.

“Tricia’s training was insightful, to the point, and effective. I am sure to save many hours of research time because of what I learned. She also has a great sense of humor which keeps the training fun. Thank you!”

Kevin Smith

-Director of Operations, The Smith Consulting Group, LLC

“Tricia provided me with enhanced search skills I put to immediate use, all in a fun and easy to understand format.

Harvey Pacht

-Owner, Delta Financial Search

“Tricia is an excellent teacher. Not only does she get the technical info over but gets over the idea of how to be creative with it. She has mastery over the material and is able to get down to a beginners level. She cares about her students and the caring continues on an ongoing basis. Constant offer for support. Great program.”

Katie Roth

-Mentor, Community Connect

“I can’t say enough good things about Tricia’s program for recruiters. The seminar was great and more importantly, keeps us on top of any changes! Highly recommend it. Worth every penny.”

Eric Kean

-Principal, The Lee Group

“Tricia did a wonderful job of presenting all of the information covered in the eSSentails course. She made it fun, informative, and valuable. Great course, great information, great instructor!”

Glenn Newman

-Human Resources Generalist, FACE Amusement

“Tricia is a great asset to any Recruiter’s training program. I had very little knowledge of Boolean Searches prior to my enrollment in to Tricia’s class but she was such an excellent instructor that I feel like a Pro in just four weeks. She is such a wealth of knowledge and goes beyond her requirements to assist you.”

Bob Kuecker

-Boston Area Representative, Links Players Intl

“When I first received an email about taking a course on learning how to write internet search strings, I was totally skeptical. Now, after taking the course with Tricia, I wish I had taken it many years ago. Tricia has opened my eyes up to the world of internet search and has revitalized my search career. She is truly an expert and knows how to communicate compicated information fo those of us to whom tech stuff does not come naturally. I cannot say enough about her. I am deeply indebted to her.”

Juanita Smith

-Lead Recruiter, The Executive Group

“Tricia is most definitely what her profile states “A Master of eSourcery” – I was very impressed impressed with her teaching capabilities, patience and her knowledge in the Recruiting Industry. Tricia truly cares about helping others to become successful. I would absolutely recommend Tricia and her “eSorcery” skills anyday!”

John Carter

-Global Account Manager, Hitachi Vantara

“I just completed the 4 week program and all I can say is WOW! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to leverage the power of the internet in search…of anything! All the Best!”

Aimee Ambrose

-Reporter, The Goshen News

“My skills have expanded exponentially over the past month, and it’s all thanks to Tricia Tamkin and fellow trainer/partner/Batman clone, Jason Thibeault. The two are an incomparable team and an invaluable wellspring of wisdom. Their internet searching techniques are unparalleled, and their training methods are easy and graceful. The subject matter can be challenging, but Tricia & Jason teach it in such an easy manner there is no difficulty grasping the content. It’s fun and informative, and the two have wonderful, engaging personalities. I greatly appreciate what I have learned from them. I highly recommend both Tricia Tamkin and Jason Thibeault!”

Steve Faulkner

-Founder, The Spencer James Group Inc.

“I have taken a number of one off seminars on boolean searching but none have come close to value I received from taking Tricia’s (and Jason’s) class. I recommend it to any recruiter who is serious about learning how to use the internet to get a search started; and what good recruiter isn’t?”

Tim Ulrey

-Lead Recruiter, Subaru of Indiana Automotive

“Cutting edge recruitment technology expert! Official hybrid of a ninja and eSourcerer.”

Lesa Ong

-Legal Recruitment Consultant, NagataCONNEX Executive Legal Search

“I attended a seminar that was taught by Tricia, and really appreciated how approachable and knowledgeable she was. She took the time to explain things until everyone understood the how and the why. Thanks Tricia!”

Walt Brod

-Vice President, Schaper Associates

“Tricia is a gifted trainer and understands and communicates the subject well. I had some background in Boolean search but after the course of four sessions I am throughly familar and experiencing results of the training.”

Irfan Balbale

-Director Of Database Management & Sourcing, JK Consultants

“Tricia and Jason are Boolean experts and have done an excellent job on Training their Students Technical stuff in a fun way. After taking their webinar course, I was able to learn a lot of techniques to cut the time of my searches in half. It helped me to get more accurate results in finding Candidates and also discovering various sources to find them.”

Joseph Beale

-Executive Search Recruiter, Beale Personnel, Inc.

“Smart, timely, the best for Internet recruiting.”

Keith McLachlan

-Co-Founder, Dental Team Finder

“Great tips to give you an advantage over other firms in finding candidates outside of LinkedIn!”

Shannon Encinger

-Executive Banking Recruiter, Castlestream

“I attended Tricia and Jason’s seminar last Friday to learn how to utilize Boolean search strings in my recruiting role. She and Jason did a fantastic job! They were engaging, funny, patient, and great at sharing their knowledge and skills. I’ve never enjoyed a class or seminar the way I enjoyed theirs!”

Mike Vinyard

-President, Qualitec Consulting Group

“Tricia & Jason provided very useful information to my organization utilizing techniques that produced results like none other.They are valued assets to have on your team.”

Dave Allen

-President, Agri Search

“Tricia and Jason are exceptional teachers with an uncanny way of getting the concepts across to their students. We had three of our staff involved in the class and we were all very well pleased with the results. They share an amazing ability to clearly and concisely answer questions and present complicated information so that it is very easy to understand…even for those of us who didn’t grow up with computers!”

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