eSSentials Refresher


This is the eSSentials Refresher so many of you have requested. Class is constantly evolving. We are regularly coming up with new strings and better tools. Over the last five years each eSSentials program has been better than the last. With a Refresher you can get up to speed.

We have two main types of students. Those of you who picked it up quickly, and understand the core operators, field commands, and base search strings. You’re busy, and only want the down and dirty new stuff to add to your arsenal. The other group of students needs a bit more time. Technology doesn’t come as easily or you simply ended up too busy and never practiced the techniques. We have a solution for both of you.

Option One

Invest $500 and four hours and learn all the newest techniques. Rapid training, offset by a complete current workbook and a comprehensive search string document.

Option Two

Invest $700 and sixteen hours and retake the entire program. There are limited seats available in each eSourcing eSSentials program. A maximum of four people at any point can take the full program over as a refresher. Think of it like Frequent Flyer Miles. If the airline filled a jet with discounted passengers, there would be no money left for fuel.


Because you asked for it.


This class is only offered to past students who have completed the eSSentials program.


If you want to retake the full 16 hour eSourcing eSSentials program, you can register for any regularly scheduled program. Here’s the full calendar.

Fast Refreshers will only be offered once per year and have a maximum attendee count of 35 students.

2017 Session

  • Class – Tuesday, September 12th  @ 12 pm – 3 pm Central
  • QA – Thursday, September 14th @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Central


Online, through the proven WebEx system. You know how our other classes are taught – same thing.

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Pay by Credit Card or PayPal

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