Eternal eSSentials

Eternal eSSentials


It’s like drinking water from a firehouse!” We’ve heard it so many times from our students. And for years, we took it as a compliment to the huge amount of information we teach in our classes. We’ve decided to address it as a problem instead. Rather than a mega burst of water all at once, we are installing the tap right in your workplace. Your team can drink what you want, when you want, endlessly. Bathroom breaks not included.

Our newest program, Eternal eSSentials, gives you exactly the skills you need when you need them. Rather than immersion, we’ve divided the core components of our three most popular classes (eSourcing eSSentials, Facebook Fuel, and Mail Mastery) into a comprehensive, on-demand, micro-learning platform. Each module has short videos (2 – 10 minutes) demonstrating a technique, and you have unlimited access to all of it.

Techniques evolve and companies have different needs. Because of this, Eternal eSSentials isn’t a software as a service that is stagnant and standard for all our customers. Each implementation is unique. Here’s what’s included:

  • Access to the base program of 48 modules and 84 videos (list of core modules)
  • Installation of the eSSistant for each member of your team (see video demo)
  • Two new training modules a month, voted on by your team (see list of choices)
  • Monthly live QA sessions with Jason Thibeault and/or Tricia Tamkin that are recorded and added to your program each month for easy recall
  • Comments sections for each module for only your team to interact with each other specifically around the techniques being taught
  • Lifetime access to The eSSentials Forum for ongoing, immediate support
  • Constant updates to training modules when techniques change


Sourcing is the highest return activity in the recruiting field. If you can’t find candidates, you can’t make placements. The faster you get to candidates, the more people get hired. It isn’t brain surgery, but it’s a little more complicated than most aspects of our industry. Companies like LinkedIn want you to pay thousands of dollars a year to have access to the same over-fished pool of candidates. New data aggregators are popping up weekly. Sourcing tools muddy the water touting the next best way to click a few buttons and have qualified candidates. The sourcing world is stuffed full of solutions that have a single focus and cost a lot of money.

Rather than buying the information, your people need to learn how to source themselves.

Over the last six years, we’ve taught thousands of recruiters how to find candidates with tremendous results. Agencies and staffing firms are seeing massive increases in revenue and corporate clients are experiences significant decreases in outside fees and time to fill. But there’s a problem with learning how to source the right way.

It’s time consuming, complicated, and takes practice.

Our flagship program, eSourcing eSSentials, is a 16 hour, 4-week immersion program that makes it so you never run out of candidates to contact. While some people swear by it, others say it’s too much at once. Many of our students latch onto a couple techniques but then forget much of it as time passes. Often, they come back to it, but the techniques have changed. This can be frustrating.

We listened to our students and developed a solution. The ultimate why: you need to learn and you need to do it on your schedule. Not ours.


This program is ideal for mid-sized to large agencies and internal corporate recruiting departments. We can set you up for a single person user even, but then you have the only vote on your own new content. And that’s a dictatorship.


Whenever you want. How ever many times you want. Exactly what you need when you need it. Water from the tap, remember?


Desktop, Laptop, Rooftop, Train, Plane, on a Plain in rural Spain. From work, home, or in-between if you have a self driving car. Over lunch with Green Eggs and… you get the idea. Any device which lets you access the internet and view video. Using Windows, Android or Mac. Whatever technology you use, you can learn our techniques.

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