Facebook Deep Dive

Facebook Deep Dive

Uncover and Access Information on Individual People

Could You Make Better Decisions and Influence More People if You Could Peer into Their Private Lives?

The Down & Dirty (TL;DR)

Get Immediate Information. Run a deep dive on someone within 5 minutes of purchase

Find Individual Information. Political views, religious views, apps used, schools attended, public posts, photos and videos

See Places & Events. Past and future events, places they were tagged, visited, liked, checked in, or reviewed

View Public Interactions. Posts, videos and photos of other people’s that your target has liked, commented or interacted with in any capacity

 See What’s Tagged by Others. See posts, videos and photos other people have tagged your target in

Find Related People. Friends, friends of friends, followers, acquaintances, co-workers, close friends and spouses

Find Shared Groups. So you can join those groups. You can like and comment on their posts if you’re trying to establish a relationship

Find Friends of Friends. Do any of your friends know any of their friends? It’s an easy way to start a relationship with a referral

What is a Facebook Deep Dive?

It’s URL tweaking. All websites have a file structure in their web address. Facebook is no different. Jason and Tricia began using Facebook’s Graph Search in 2013 before it was rolled out to everyone. So they really learned how everything worked. Once this new search tool was available in America, they taught the first ever class on it.
In the most basic terms, every single page on Facebook has a unique ID number. Whether that’s individual people’s pages, company pages, groups, locations, interests, schools, employers, titles – if it has a page, it has an ID number.
Jason and Tricia will show you how to quickly get to the unique ID number from a person’s profile page, and then apply it to a Key they developed. (Once you learn how to do it, it will take you less than 3 minutes to find the number and build your custom Key for your target person.)
From that point, you’ll have over 50 different URLs you can paste into any browser and start digging into the person’s background.

Investment $999

Patricia Bartell, Owner, Able to Play Music

“I figured Tricia wouldn’t be able to find much on me because of how private I keep my Facebook activities and WOW – I was amazed how much information she was able to find about me. Her Facebook Deep Dive is impressive!”

How would I use this information?

Prepare for a client meeting

Evaluate a person before hiring them

Be safe, and discerning, when dating online

Gather evidence in a court case

Check up on your teenagers

Learn what other people can see about you online

Evaluate a candidate before presenting them

Any other reason you have to investigate

I Know Who I’ll Deep Dive First!

Less than one hour of training, and you’re up and running

Module #1: Rapid Results

If you can open a word document, right click, find & replace, and click a URL you’ll be able to do a full deep dive on a person within five minutes of purchasing this program. For those that are quick and just want the results, you’ll be able to do an extreme level of digging on one person by the time you’ve finished the first video. If you’re someone that learns fast, this one video and the key we’ve built is all you need.

Module #2: Full Program

Everybody can’t learn lightening fast. Some people want to take their time and really understand the principles behind the technique. They want to see samples of how we perform a deep dive on someone. Maybe you’d like a little slower explanation of how to find a person’s unique user ID on Facebook. Best practices and etiquette are important to you. If that’s the case, we have a full program to walk you through it all in the second module.

Is this ethical?

It is. You’re not breaking into someone’s Facebook account. You’re not accessing their passwords. You’re not doing espionage. It can feel a little uncomfortable to leverage the fact that the vast majority of the 2 Billion people on Facebook don’t fully understand how much of their online activity is visible to the people who know how to find it. (You, once you purchase Facebook Deep Dive.)
Think about it like this. There’s a bunch of stuff the police can’t learn about you without a warrant. But if your trash is at the street, and they go through it, they can learn those things. Having your privacy settings in place is like shredding every confidential document before tossing it in the trash. What’s left is food containers, partially eaten meals, magazines, catalogs, and the like.
That’s really enough though. Imagine a pile of trash consisting of dozens of fast food bags, even more baby food jars, and a recycle bin nearly full of empty beer cans. You’ve already made judgments about the kind of people live there. Even their fitness as parents – all from easily acquired, non-confidential trash.

I can’t wait to see all this information!

What exactly is included when I purchase?

Great Question

Jason and Tricia are trainers, so their focus is on making sure you learn, and they understand that different people want the information in different ways.
If you’re more like Jason, you’ll love starting with the Rapid Results 5-minute video that will have you off and running immediately. A lot of people find it frustrating to listen to the trainers “story” and all the extra explanation. If you don’t want that, you don’t have to watch it to learn the methodology.
If you’re more like Tricia, you’ll love getting into the material a little deeper and looking scenarios for practical application, and understanding why things work they way they do. The second video addresses this.
Either way, the Facebook Deep Dive Program will give you the information in the way you learn best. Regardless of your learning style, everyone gets the workbook, the Deep Dive Key (with all your URLs), lifetime access to the program, and updates as needed.

Wait! I still have questions.

Don’t worry. We have answers.

How technical do I need to be in order to do a deep dive on a person?

Not technical at all. You will need to be able to open a word document and do a find and replace in our key. You’ll be replacing Tricia’s Facebook ID number with the ID number of whoever you are researching. That means you’ll need to get their unique ID number, which you’ll learn to do with a couple clicks. Then you will have over 50 URL pre-built for you to do your research. It isn’t complicated.

Do I need to have a Facebook account?

You do. You need to be logged into an account in order for the results to show up. You don’t have to have any friends, post your lunch, like or comment on anything. But you do need to have a Facebook account.

Does it matter what kind of computer I have?

It doesn’t. You can be on a PC or a Mac. As long as you have a browser (Chrome is recommended), internet access and can open a Word document you’re all set. It would be very challenging to do this from a phone. We recommend you’re on a full size device

What do I do with the information once I have it?

That is entirely up to you. We only have one rule. Don’t be a dick. Don’t stalk someone, don’t use it for nefarious purposes, don’t be creepy. Beyond that, do what you want. We use the information to make hiring decisions, to do background checks on our candidates (we’re headhunters by trade), and even to uncover evidence in court cases. It’s a great tool to prep for a big sales call. Imagine if you knew what kind of food someone liked, what charities they supported, and what martial arts they practiced. Couldn’t you figure out a way to come up with a metaphor or analogy that perfectly resonated with your potential client? Sometimes an extra 30 minutes of research is the difference between closing the deal and not closing the deal.

What if I have multiple people in my company. Can they all go through training?

Once you’ve bought this training it’s yours to keep. If you want to let other people in your office learn how to do it you can. It’s your product to do what you like. Remember, only a tiny percentage (0.00000000001 percent of people) have any idea how to do this. Sometimes you’re better off to keep it to yourself. The more people that know how to do it, the less valuable it will become over time.

Do I tell my target about the level of research I was able to do on them?

We normally wouldn’t, but it’s entirely up to you. Make sure you frame it the right way. People get freaked out when they think their privacy has been breached. You aren’t doing anything wrong or inappropriate, so tell whomever you’d like.

Will I be able to see secret groups someone is a member of?

Nope, that’s why they’re secret. There’s no way to view this information, so if your target is part of a secret group of pot-smoking atheists you’ll never find out.

What is the difference between this program and Facebook Fuel?

That’s a great question. A Facebook Deep Dive gives you a ton of information about one person at a time. Facebook Fuel teaches you how to pull up the individual profiles of people that meet your exact criteria. In Facebook Fuel, you can run a complicated search for someone with a specific title, in a target city, that has certain skills or education and likes a particular thing. The targeting opportunities are endless.

Can I get a discount if I buy all of the on demand programs at once?

You can. A little more than 10% if you decide you want eSourcing eSSentials+, Facebook Fuel and a Facebook Deep Dive. This means you’ll be able to find everyone on Google and Facebook, have all the extra hiring modules, AND be able to do deep research on any individual with a Facebook account. Go to Everything on Demand to learn more.

Enthusiastic Love From Past Clients

Sam WattersonPhysician Relations Specialist
"Jason is an expert in his field. More importantly, Jason is willing to share his expertise - and he does so in a clear, understandable way. On more than once occasion, Jason went out of his way to help me reach some of my company goals."
Greg EskewGeneral ManagerFlex Nursing

"The information they teach has limitless potential and their knowledge of the subject matter is remarkable."

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