How Does Class Work?

Some clients prefer us to come out to their offices, others want us to speak at events. Primarily, we teach in an online format. Our current program of choice is WebEx. We are entertaining speakers, but that doesn’t always translate well to website creation.
If you know in advance you are going to miss one session in a series, contact Tricia and she’ll record the session and give you a couple days access. It isn’t standard operating procedure for us to record classes, but sometimes we can make an exception. You can send her an email at tricia@mooreessentials.com.
With most of our classes, we cap around thirty students. More than that means we are unable to address everyone’s questions adequately. Some classes are taught in a less interactive fashion, relying on chat messaging for questions instead of live interruption. These can have a few more. Finally, we have done Private Training with up to 75 in a room, and conferences with close to 300. It all depends on the program.
We do train in person in a number of formats. We can come to your office with Private Training. We teach at conferences and association meetings. Custom Speaking can happen anywhere. Heck, if it you want, we can work out a plan to bring laptops and teach you at Disney World. It’ll be magical.
No. That’s why we teach you how to find contact info. Problem solved.
The last time I checked there were 644 million active websites. All of them have at least one person who built it, runs it, blogs about it, etc.  Some, like Facebook, have a billion people on them. These people all buy things.  So, Yes.  And we teach that too.  LinkedIn is the low hanging fruit, but laziness is a virtue, and the more prospects you have the more sales you close.

Who Are You?

Tricia Tamkin and Jason Thibeault. Most classes are delivered with both gifted speakers. We feel it is a more dynamic and interesting way to learn, which increases retention and enjoyment.
All of them. If someone comes to class we train them; it really is our main focus. As for those numbers, it almost depends on who you count. We have put over 800 people through full 16 hour courses. That number jumps to several thousand when we include individual classes, speaking engagements, and private training. We’ve trained people working on six continents at this point. (If you are reading this from Antarctica, we will probably discount you just to get full bragging rights.)
We speak frequently at the Staffing World conference for ASA. We also speak at the Top Talent Summit. This year we are doing NAPS too. The Pinnacle Society (America’s consortium of top recruiters) has had us come teach. You know how some franchise firms do an annual meeting? We’ve done those too. Fortune 500 firms. Yup.
Oh so many. Keynotes, After-dinner sessions, lunch and learns, skills training, process training, motivation. Just ask. We are happy to customize something to your needs.

I’m Nervous?

You will. As long as you can connect to the internet and know how to dial a phone for internet classes. In person, you should be able to maneuver a pencil.
You can. If it was that hard do you think we would do it? Read our values. We like easy. A lot of people are nervous to learn something new, but it’s the only way we can continue to progress. We take our time with you and make sure you’re getting it. We’ve got you covered.
The forum is an environment to ask questions. We post answers- as do other students. We aren’t infallible so we appreciate the help. Go to Testimonials to read reviews about our ongoing support!
Hey, we’re flattered. Tell us who, when, where, and why in an email and we will see what we can set up. You can reach Jason at jason@mooreessentials.com or Tricia at tricia@mooreessentials.com. We usually respond within a day, unless we are teaching a multi-day class off site. Then it might be a couple days. Thanks for your patience.
Well, for one thing- because we said so. Also, we will teach you how to see into 50 groups or 500. (Even if they are private.) Then you just join the ones where you want to actually participate and get the updates.
I am not sure why we keep getting this question. Star Trek is really about making friends in space. Star Wars is a fight of good versus evil. If you must know, the USS Enterprise defeats any and all non-capital ships in the Star Wars universe on a one on one basis. But Star Destroyers and above destroy the Enterprise. Kirk would probably trick Vader into being on it when it blows.

What Do I Need to Know Before I Start?

Generally, we recommend a thorough regimen of stretching, hydrating, and high protein snacks. More importantly, go watch any free videos we send you. If we are doing discovery, make sure your team completes it. Otherwise we are customizing by guessing.
It really depends on when you are reading this. Check our schedule.
Before each class you will receive a workbook to follow along in class and to go back to after your training. In classes where we are writing search strings, we build a document live during training with all the example search strings we’ve customized during class. Depending on the class, you might even get a worksheets. We’re generous that way.
As many as you pay to have there. You can have one free if you sign up three from the same office. Could you put 15 people around a desk and have them all watch a class where you only paid once? Sure. But you would be stealing, and that doesn’t feel good. Show your staff the investment you are willing to make in them. Give them all a voice to ask questions and participate. You’ll feel good about yourself and be setting the right example for your team.
To be fair, certain browsers are better for different functions. Our favorite is Chrome- it works the best for searches and within LinkedIn. They don’t pay us to say that.

Money Issues?

It depends on the numbers. Set up a time to talk with Jason or Tricia about your specific needs, and we can work out something fair. It is our standard policy when you register three or more students from the same company for the same class, we’ll let your manager in at no cost. If you are looking for a discount for one person, it won’t happen. It would be terribly unfair to our past students.
Results vary for a number of reasons. We have never had someone come back and say this did NOT improve their business. It all comes down to applying the techniques. We never recommend “rehabilitating” a failing employee with training. Someone that already won’t work for you is not a good use of your training budget and will likely not be engaged in class or actively apply what they’ve been taught. The biggest growth an existing company has shared with us was 278% quarter to quarter. We hope you do even better, while understanding those results exceeded the norm. Check out some testimonials from satisfied customers.
Uhmmm. Thank you? Can you imagine if Audi paid out when someone said “I love my R8!” Or if you paid when a satisfied customer recommended you? If you think our services are worth recommending, we think you are awesome. If you think we failed to live up to expectations, don’t recommend us. Instead, talk to us about making it right.
How you want to spend your money is between you and the accountants. Tricia pays $25 a month because she likes to see who looks at her profile. Jason uses a free account. They both have full access to LinkedIn through Google.  You don’t need to pay one dime to see everyone’s first and last name, their complete profiles, and members of private groups.  Once you learn how to find email addresses, you won’t ever need InMails.  If you want to keep paying – you can.  We don’t think it’s necessary.
This can happen. I won’t lie and say it’s cheap. Some companies do a lot of hiring and like to have every new employee go through the full series of classes. Rather than pay much more to individually train them, we give the whole firm access for a year (or more) for a single, lower rate. If this sounds like you, drop us a line.
We did this with a Fortune 100 firm that used a great number of contract employees. Our recordings are how they train them to this day. They paid a huge fee and signed contracts to minimize our risk of them repackaging and selling our intellectual property. The experience has been profitable for all parties, and we will happily do it again.
Only for tips. We love the idea of online currency, but will wait a bit longer before betting on its long term viability. Seems a little shaky.
I guess that depends on your credit card and airline. Personally, I think this technology can take you anywhere, but in a metaphorical way- like a book does. We own and operate no actual aircraft.

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