$10,000 per day

You want us to come visit you? Sure, we can pack a bag full of tricks we use to find people. Oh, you need the tricks tailored not just to your industry, but to your team, your ideal clients and even the personality of that guy who bugs you? We do that too. 

This is our ultimate offering for the most discerning of professionals. Infinitely customized in every way you need. It is taught at the pace which best suits your team. Sometimes that means we split off part of the group to undergo more advanced training. Other times we slow down particular points until we have understanding. Other trainers spew what they know at you then rush off in the night. We are coming to teach, not prove to you we can do it.

  • Our highest tier training
  • 100% custom content
  • Custom speed
  • Leave the traveling to us
  • Practice with the same techniques under guidance. There’s no better way to learn.


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After you are pay the first invoice, we do a discovery call to find your exact needs. This is obviously industry and targets, but also knowledge level of the team. Specific problems or shortcomings you want to address. Your end goal for training. We work with you to develop a plan to meet that need. We schedule time to be with your staff for the sole purpose of training.

This does take more time. We customize the content, check everything we are about to teach to make sure it works for your unique situation, and then go through it all again. The day before we teach, our trainers fly out to your location (travel expenses are billed separately.) We will need to ensure the teaching environment is set up. Five minutes after your team arrives is a poor time to realize a technical glitch. The next day (or days) are spent learning and practicing. By the time we leave you will not only know how this works, but you will have actually done it.

One or more days, depending on need.
30 Days
Since this is custom, anything is possible. Anything.
Skill Required:
You can start with none, and we will take it from there. If you are experts we will move you from there to mastery.
Forum Included:
Yes. 30 days.