Moore eSSentials Certified Recruiters

The Best of the Best in eSourcing.

Being certified in eSourcing through Moore eSSentials program is no easy feat. Only 20% of students choose to certify, and of those more than 30% of students fail the test. This is the hardest eSourcing test in the industry. Students who have achieved their MSS spent over 16 hours in direct training, and then hours taking a test to prove they understood all the techniques, and more importantly, they proved they were able to uncover hidden talent other recruiters aren’t able to find. In the recruiting world, it all starts with being able to identify the passive candidate. If a recruiter can’t find the person, it doesn’t matter how good they are at doing deals- the placement won’t be made. A certified Moore eSSentials Specialist can find darn near anyone.

The following people have passed the Moore eSSentials Specialist Certification and we at Moore eSSsentials can attest to their ability to find the needle in the haystack, the purple squirrel and the ever elusive candidate no other recruiters can find.

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Dayna Azzopardi, MSS
Mike Martin, MSS
Jeff Sandbothe, MSS
Cara Midgette, MSS
Phil Miller, MSS
Samantha Stewart, MSS
Evan VanDolah, MSS
Megan Dennis, MSS
Ashley Rickels, MSS
Candace Brom, MSS
Matt Register, MSS
Shelley Schneider, MSS
Andrew Reber, MSS
Caterina Colson, MSS
Kristina DiMartino, MSS
Samantha Rubin, MSS
Sandra Brown, MSS
Brian Atwell, MSS
Carley Baker, MSS
Kristy Smith, MSS
Nathan Warner, MSS
Ethan Dorman, MSS
JG Carver, MSS
Patrick Kellaher, MSS
Cara Rubin, MSS
Becci Bowen, MSS
Paul Fairchild, MSS
Kim Federico, MSS
George Gagalis, MSS
Jill Kantor, MSS
Matt Leads, MSS
Lisa March, MSS
Kathy Piekarz, MSS
Robert Rice, MSS
Gary Tompkins, MSS
Nena Coleman, MSS
Jenny Hsu, MSS
Suzanne Yoder, MSS
Jessica Arsenault, MSS
Toddie Downs, MSS
Molly Sollenberger, MSS
Renee Moreno, MSS
Inna Schlapko, MSS
Heather Nadeau, MSS
Irfan Balbale, MSS