Ginny Trombetti

Oficio Group LLC


Discipline: CHEMICALS (building material products – oilfield – specialty chemicals – industrial products….) Nationwide, U.S.A.

Oficio group combines skilled and sensitive project leadership to deliver uniquely appropriate solutions for our clients. The key to our success is simple: superior domain expertise in the chemicals industry and a strict focus on the sales and engineering competencies. Presenting your business model with compelling clarity requires understanding it first. Oficio group possesses an intimate understanding of the various segments within chemicals. This means we “get it” almost immediately, and can attract the high level candidates that would otherwise be unwilling to listen. Since its inception, our firm has focused on what we know best: sales and engineering leadership. This means we consistently study the practices, processes and qualities that make world-class sales and engineering talent the best at what they do. Oficio group’s resources are focused on speed, quality, and execution. The Managing Partners of Oficio Group subscribe to this philosophy in all their company business operations.