Jenny Wei-Ling Hsu

Yeh IDeology LLC

Design | Strategy | Innovation

T: 212-348-6511

Discipline: Creative Talent Recruitment Consultancy , Designing relationships at Yeh IDeology.

Our sweet spots:

Industrial design, product design, user experience, user interface, design research, strategy, service design, experience design, exhibit design, graphic design, and business innovation.

About us:

Yeh IDeology is consultative recruitment firm specializing within the vertical sector of design, strategy, and innovation. We help firms value design and understand how to invest in it by teaching as we recruit.

We successfully match talent with culture, helping ambitious start-ups, small agencies, award-winning consultancies, and Fortune 500 companies hire top talent that deliver immediate ROI.


Retainer (Executives, Partners, C-Suite, Directors & Managers)

Contingency (all staff levels)

Contract, Temp, Freelance (all levels)