John Cabal

MetalJobs Network


Discipline:Sales, Sales Management, Executives

MetalJobs Network is a niche-market Search & Placement firm that has spent 23 years working specifically with Service Centers, Mills, and other metals-related companies.

What differentiates us is:

  • Specialization: Our primary function is that of a SCOUT, where we identify top talent. We evaluate new candidates each day… all in the metals industry (Sales Managers, GMs, Product Managers, Sales Reps, etc.)
  • Search: We fully understand the value of cold calls. Of course, we utilize the newest technologies, but in conjunction with DEDICATED TIME ON THE PHONE. Often, the best candidates (those working for your direct competitors) are not even THINKING about a career change. Our job is to find them.
  • Placement: From first contact we execute our processes to understand everyone’s needs, wants, and desires. Then we stay engaged with both parties throughout the hiring process. Partnering with us means more offers accepted and more condensed opening-to-hire times.