Mike Martin

Wyndham Mills International



Discipline:Supply Chain, Transportation and 3PL

For over 15 years, Wyndham Mills International has been introducing multi-national corporations to exceptional talent to create long-term mutual success. Wyndham Mills International is better, special, and different than other search firms, because…

We’re all about service….As a contemporary, independent search firm, we’re able to provide flexibility, expediency and personal service. We’re free of the bureaucratic layers that can complicate and slow down the search process. With WMI, it’s just you and your search consultant in a focused, dynamic partnership, supported by an experienced, determined search team.

We know the search business….You simply won’t find a firm that understands the business better—or has as many resources—as WMI. Our search consultants offer skill, experience and trade contacts, and they possess the professional polish to communicate effectively with the highest-level executives.

We have the resources….Our robust research capabilities, specifically using Boolean logic for customized research, combined with international networking capabilities are just two of the tools we use to find appropriate candidates. We’re actively involved in industry trade shows, attend conferences, and maintain a presence at major industry gatherings in order to continue building relationships.