Mindy Ballard

Park Avenue Group

407-629-2424 x110


Discipline: Banking and Finance

You might say I am an unusual hybrid – an MSS certified Internet Researcher and Sourcing expert, a Social Media Marketer and an Executive Recruiter, all-in-one.

With my unique combination of skills, I understand research and sourcing needs from a variety of angles. My recruiting background allows me to grasp the nuances of each particular job requisition and ask the right questions to get to the heart of what my clients are seeking in a candidate, the specifics that give my candidates the edge over any others being considered for the role.

Using advanced marketing techniques, I am able to reach out to large volume audiences when appropriate to generate referrals or interest and attract the right people with targeted messages using the latest technology and methodologies.

Conversely, when more appropriate, I am able to zero in to find the needle in the haystack – finding those that aren’t easily found, or whom have rare or unusual skillsets, but unlike most pure Internet Researchers, I don’t shy away from reaching out directly to recruit them for a position. This allows me to be first in line with highly qualified candidates, eliminating unnecessary delays.

With over 7 years of experience in Executive Search and Internet Research, I bring experience, training and talent to the forefront to benefit my candidates and clients.