NALSC AI4 Recruiters

(Video, Chat GPT Prompts, and GPT's below)

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Copy and paste the prompt directly into chat GPT:

Prompt #1

As a third-party agency recruiter focusing on placing attorneys, please write me a list of 20 interview questions I can ask a tax attorney. The purpose of the questions is two-fold. First, to determine their skill level in Tax Law, and second, to demonstrate my industry knowledge. These should be questions that might not typically be asked by a recruiter.

Prompt #2

I’m going to provide you with text for email I’d like to send to a client. I’m clearly upset and can’t send this email as it is. Please rewrite it for me and make it extremely professional, but still provide boundaries for our interactions moving forward. The goal of the email is to retain them as a client and resolve the communication issues.

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If you’re interested in training a team of legal recruiters, you have a few different options.

1.) Sign them up for AI4 Recruiters. The first seat with your discount is $4000 and each additional seat is $1000. This will give you a year of access to all AI training we’ve done live since February of 2023, the core training program, and twice a month live with Jason & Tricia working on whatever people need.

2.) Have Jason & Tricia train your team privately, either live or via Zoom, and then add the twice monthly sessions for the team for ongoing implementation

3.) Hire us to come into your firm, audit your proprietary recruiting workflow and custom design GPTs to enable your staff to produce at record paces. All training and live sessions are included in this expensive program, and you must apply for consideration.

If you’re interested in discussing options, call, text, or email Tricia.

630.240.4454 (She answers her phone)