Some people want the CliffsNotes and others want the detailed explanation. Maybe you’re a Netflix binger, or more of a few-minutes-each-day learner. Guess what? It doesn’t matter. We’ve built our programs to be able to accommodate your preferences, regardless of how you learn best. You can relax knowing we built this just for you.
Our courses focus on leveraging Google and Facebook to find the people you need and specific information about them. These on-demand programs come with live support at least once per month and lifetime support in our private groups. You will understand and you will get the results you need. Our live training includes public and private programs ranging from launching a company and hiring staff, down to specific sales and recruiting techniques.
We can provide consulting services to include coaching, audits and hourly projects. With all this remains one constant; we focus on your results.
Whether you spend $300 to get someone to open and respond to your cold recruiting email or 150K to have a full training program implemented in your organization, in both cases you’ll walk away knowing that the value you received far exceeded the cost. You won’t find a better reviewed training program in our industry.


eSourcing eSSentials

Our flagship program has helped thousands of students leverage Google to find millions of people from all corners of the internet. You will never run out of people to call (or email) once you’ve learned these techniques.

eSourcing eSSentials Plus

Everything in eSourcing eSSentials, and six additional hours of training specifically relevant to those who work in the recruiting industry or need to continually hire people for their business. Not hiring? You don’t need Plus.

Everything On Demand

Some people want it all. This package includes eSourcing eSSentials Plus, Facebook Fuel and Facebook Deep Dive. If you invest in the full package we’re going to give you a discount. Includes three live sessions per month.

Live Training

Client Cornucopia

If you’re a recruiter and looking for new clients, take this live program. It’s web-based, highly immersive and interactive, and everyone who has done the work in the program ended class with new clients. Everyone.

Sales Science

Advertisers, marketers, and sales people have many tools to work your brain into a purchase. In just three hours you’ll understand twelve of these psychological tricks and how to use them to grow your business.

Relationship Recruiting

Recruiters know they’re in a relationship driven business. Yet, they approach their desk as a numbers game. It isn’t the right way to do it. You’ll learn how to build the relationships which actually result in closed deals.

Diversity Hiring

One of our clients completed this training, and within 12 months was named one of the 50 Best Workplaces for Diversity by Fortune and Great Places to Work. Diversity starts at hiring. Learn more about our private diversity training and it what it means for your company.


Perhaps nothing in our Courses or Live Training fits exactly what you want right now. It’s ok, we’ve still got you covered. Our consulting and coaching programs are tailored to your exact needs. Packages run the gamut from one hour to a full year. We work with large corporations, mid-sized firms and individual people.   If we can’t provide what you need, we promise to point you in the right direction.


Jason and Tricia are commonly the best-rated speakers at any event. They’re engaging, informative and ensure your attendees leave with learning outcomes. Most people think they’re hilarious as well. With over 40 events under their belts, they can deliver with the kind of professionalism you expect. When you engage them to present at your event, you can be confident everything will go off without a hitch… even when it doesn’t.