Moore Sourcing Specialist Certification

This could be you

We are going to take a break from our usual tongue-in-cheek tone for just a minute. Certification is serious business. You are adding value to your team.

We have heard the argument “adding value makes my team more likely to be poached.” The truth is the opposite. A trained employee’s retention level rises.

They get to be better at their job. They know you consider them investment worthy. You have a better employee for longer. Everyone wins.


Moore eSSentials MSS Certified Recruiters

Our Moore Sourcing Specialist (MSS) certification is difficult. It is not as simple as take a class, we pass you and you get to post a few letters after your name. Just like school, you will learn best not just when you are taught, but when you are engaged, you study, you practice.

The test is difficult enough to ensure you’ve learned enough to make us proud. Our successful certificants often study for hours and then carefully pore over the test to make sure they are getting it all right. The very process of studying and testing makes them better.

Being better is certainly an advantage. We could also tell you about the feeling of pride. Let’s focus on a real world impact; every MSS certified person has a personalized page right here. It is one more place for a client or candidate to find you and learn why you are the best. You will actually be making it more likely they will work with you. Ultimately, that translates to profit.