Whether you are looking for a complete solution, or you only need a little help, Moore eSSentials has you covered. In addition to consulting and private training, we currently offer nine different programs to help you. Here they are:

eSourcing eSSentials has been our core for years. Once Facebook developed an internal graph search, we developed a class to maximize it’s potential- literally before it was fully rolled out in the United States. Throughout this time, many students were asking how we reached out to candidates. Mail Mastery was born. Posting Perfection brings you better results from the jobs you do post. Client Cornucopia is our most interactive class, and pushes you to develop new clients before training is complete.  Effective Outsourcing teaches you what, when, how and to whom you should outsource in order to drive your business forward. Finally, Diversity Training is meant to provide skills to recruiters to find diverse candidates, as opposed to lectures about why diversity matters. We’ll leave that one to HR.