Client Cornucopia


Recruiters need to do business development too. Everyone who has taken this training class and followed the process taught has finished with new clients. This isn’t a theory spouted over cocktails, but a proven set of steps that leads to more customers. This series has a set of practical applications to jump start your business development. We don’t market candidates, and we get all our hiring managers to let us prep them for the interview. Take 10-minutes and watch a video about our methodology and what happens in Client Cornucopia. Click here.


You need to get new job requirements, maybe even all new clients. There are lots of reasons to be hunting for new clients. Maybe yours are in need of firing. It could be your industry has shifted. Possibly, you just want to make more money. And your current business development strategy isn’t delivering for you.

Everyone has a magic pill for how to get new requirements:

First you needed an Applicant Tracking System and the ability to do mass emailing. Then you could blanket potential clients with spam! Next, Social Selling was all the rage. But that had little effect on your business. Now it’s Inbound Marketing. Write some blog posts and let the clients come to you. Old trainers tell you to find a candidate and market them, which could work if you had the perfect candidate willing to go anywhere and random potential clients in great need. LinkedIn says to just send InMails, so how’s that working?

Recruiters want an easy fix solution, and it doesn’t exist. Stop drinking their kool-aid. There is no magic answer, but there is a specific methodology. We will show you how to go after new clients, rekindle the love with old ones, and consistently work to manage your accounts to a higher level. We all want more billing, and that starts with more quality jobs.

What you need isn’t a one-stop solution, it’s a process. Continual and Constant. And it takes work. (We say this even though we don’t even like things that take effort, but we love success.)


Account Managers. Business Development types. Owners/Recruiting managers. Full desk recruiters. Don’t take this class if you are hoping for a “watch a webinar, use one tool, earn a million” solution. Those are bunk.


Online, through the proven WebEx system. We teach it live so you can ask questions in real time. Examples come from actual requirements of those in class.

It’s important to sign up early for this one. It’s more interactive, which means we max out at half as many students. (10-15) We already have two slots filled for a session of this which is six months away.


Currently, we are in session. The next happens after Thanksgiving. And as of June 2017, we now include a forum for trainee follow up. So waiting worked out okay for you this once.
June 2017 Session
Session One Tuesday  6 June 12PM – 3PM Central Time
Session One QA Friday 9 June 12PM – 1PM Central Time
Session Two Tuesday 13 June 12PM – 3PM Central Time
Session Two QA Friday 16 June 12PM – 1PM Central Time
Session Three Tuesday 20 June 12PM – 3PM Central Time
Session Three QA Friday 23 June 12PM – 1PM Central Time
Session Four Tuesday 27 June 12PM – 3PM Central Time
Session Four QA Friday 29 June 12PM – 1PM Central Time

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