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eSourcing training isn’t just for Recruiters. Of course, recruiters need it to find people. But many firms have dedicated sourcers or research people whose job it is to find the passive candidates for all the open positions. And while we teach this primarily to the talent acquisition community, we’ve had sales people eagerly take this class for the same reason. Finding people online is faster than any other method.

Spend one month attending webinars a few hours a week (where you never leave your desk) and here’s some of what you’ll be able to do

  • See all profiles on LinkedIn, first name, last name, full profiles.  It doesn’t matter how many connections you have or how much you pay– everyone will be visible, and there will be no more commercial search limits.
  • Find anyone’s contact information (email and phone number.) Stop sending unanswered InMails. Be different.
  • Get into the sites of associations and conferences to see lists of their members, attendees and speakers.
  • Access thousands of corporate employee directories.
  • Use ethical hacking of social media sites to find candidates in your industry.
  • Automate your search process and have new candidates and new business development opportunities delivered to your inbox with your morning coffee. On second thought, coffee should not go to your inbox.
  • We are the only online search training in the recruiting industry with Lifetime Support. After class, you’ll have access to the eSourcing Forum and be able to ask questions until the cows come home.
  • You will learn enough Boolean logic to write search strings to let you find candidates, or anything else you want, on the internet.
  • Workbooks and search string documents for perfect recall material later of every class.
  • Have the opportunity to test for your Moore Sourcing Specialist certification.

Simply put, you will source better than you ever have before.


Did you know almost half of recruiters only use LinkedIn to find passive candidates? (Don’t answer that, we can’t hear you.) eSourcing eSSentials will let you find people where half of your competition isn’t even looking. Yes, we still spend an entire session on making sure you have great access to LinkedIn, without paying for a Recruiter seat. But the other three sessions will show you how to find passive candidates all over the web.  This is the highest return on your investment in the sourcing market today.


Recruiters. Sales People. Researchers. Sourcers. Talent Acquistion Ninja Guru Superwizards. (Please make that your title) The better way to think of who should take this is to ask yourself a question. Do I need to find people online? If yes, you need to take eSourcing eSSentials.


August 2018 eSSentials Session

 Session One Tuesday Aug 7 10 AM 1 PM Central
 QA One Friday Aug 10  10 AM 11 AM Central
 Session Two Tuesday Aug 14 10 AM 1 PM Central
 QA Two  Friday Aug 17 10 AM 11 AM Central
 Session Three  Tuesday Aug 21 10 AM 1 PM Central
QA Three  Friday Aug 24 10 AM 11 AM Central
Session Four  Tuesday Aug 28 10 AM 1 PM Central
 QA Four  Friday Aug 31 10 AM 11 AM Central


Online, through the proven WebEx system. We teach it live so you can ask questions in real time. Examples come from actual requirements of those in class. We also use two trainers so you aren’t bored to tears listening to one person drone on. (As a side note, the trainers were at someone else’s presentation once where this really happened. Actual tears. Up to that point we thought it was just a saying.)

I can do it myself.

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