Facebook Fuel


Facebook has nearly two billion users, and they are all more active on the site than the average person is on LinkedIn. People of all walks of life waste time on Facebook, from CEOs to CNC Machinists. We will give you access to all of them. Everyone is on Facebook. From grandmothers to teens, welders to high end execs. Facebook gives you a way to find them all. Every recruiter should be e-Sourcing candidates from them.

Years ago, when Graph Search (Facebook’s semantic search tool) came online, we were the first training firm to build a class for it. We literally taught it the same month as it first became possible to source people from Facebook. The challenge is now a different one. Searching the social network was so powerful, people found it creepy. They dialed back  the functionality – but we still know how to find it and explore it for candidates.


You will be able to search based on where someone works, what associations they are in, what they studied in school or what school they attended. You will learn how to identify your target person based on what they like. Very few people have been able to harness the power of Facebook Graph Search and apply it to business. We’ll show you how.

We’ll spend a little time showing you how to place your jobs into a newsfeed of a target candidate, and how to organically engage candidates, but the majority of the program is on direct sourcing exactly the candidates you need. It doesn’t get much better.

And to add some creepy to it, you will easily see what associations they have joined, bands they have liked, and even meals so appealing they needed to be uploaded. Take a moment to learn way too much about your candidates and hiring managers- and use that to close deals.

You will be able to find candidates on Facebook, quickly, easily and by the thousands.


Apparently, only 2% of recruiters consistently use Facebook as a primary tool for finding candidates. Pareto’s law tells us to split a full 20% off the top. That leaves about 18% of recruiters willing to be the best, all of whom just need a little training. There are no training prerequisites for this critical tool. But every recruiter will be able to find candidates.

We do include something a little different for this class. We have a key which lets you keep doing these searches in Facebook, without having us looking over your shoulder – yours to keep.


September Session

Class – Tuesday Sept 18th, Noon to 3 PM Central

QA –    Friday Sept 21st, 2 PM to 3 PM Central


Online, through the proven WebEx system. Watch, listen and do yourself. All during class. You’ll be able to ask questions. You’ll run live searches. We will make sure you understand and can do once class is over.

I can do it myself.

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