Mail Mastery


More and more people are refusing to answer their phone, despite being glued to it 16 hours a day. But a good email gets opened and responded to. We’ll show you what that email looks like. This class is all about getting people to respond to your emails.  It doesn’t matter how many email addresses you have (or can find) if no one responds.


Recruiters have become comfortable with a 15-20% response rate from candidates. We aren’t. We expect you to reach out to less people because your emails are so good people actually respond. We’ll teach you exactly what the subject line should say in order to get opened. And it isn’t gimmicky. It’s honest, direct and compelling. Once they open your email, the body of it will be short, concise and pique their interest.

Don’t let a lack of responses to your emails (or Inmails) threaten your chances to close a deal. So many emails are deleted or sent to a spam filter before they are even read. Worse yet, your potential candidates may be reading your messages and are too bored to reply. We fix those problems and massively increase your responses.


Anyone that wants to get more and faster responses when reaching out to candidates. No prerequisite necessary.


July Mail Mastery
Mail Mastery Session Wednesday 12-July 1PM 3PM Central


Online, through the proven WebEx system. You’ll watch our screen and listen on the phone. Class size is limited allowing all questions to be answered. It’s an interactive process and you’ll come away with a framework that delivers results as soon as class is over.

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