Diversity starts at hiring. You simply can’t have a diverse workforce full of people with new and interesting ideas, if you hire from the same group of people who’ve always worked for your company. Simply put, you can’t simply train your not-yet-diverse workforce and they’ll magically become more representative.

To have a multicultural workforce you have to hire one. Hiring starts at the recruiting process… which starts at sourcing. We’ll assume if you’re here, you’ve already gotten to the stage of deciding diversity is part of your business culture.

When we train diversity, we like to take a much deeper look than skin color. Hiring someone with a different cultural outlook than your own isn’t about meeting a quota. It’s about bringing ideas to the table you never would have considered.

One of our founders was quoted in a thought provoking article in Entrepreneur Magazine on the subject of Unconscious Bias. It’s well written and deserves a read if for no reason other than the fact that it gives you some tools to begin combating this challenge in the workplace. We teach this concept, and several possible solutions, in our Diversity Training Programs.

We also teach alternative views on what diverse recruiting really means. We wrote a whitepaper on this concept years ago, even before teaching our first program on the subject. It’s still available here.

One of our clients completed this training, and within 12 months was named one of the 50 Best Workplaces for Diversity by Fortune and Great Places to Work. Adding this program to your HR or recruiting team’s skill set will directly result in an improved group of people to consider for all your roles.

We can train this in a recurring fashion for your team, or as a one time event. It can be held online over the proven WebEx platform, or in person. An hour at a time, or full day marathon. You have more choices than you’re used to, which is really the point of the program.

Contact Tricia Tamkin by email or at her desk (630.830.3000) to get started.

In addition to the diversity element, we wanted to share some of the key deliverables from the sourcing side. We can use elements of Facebook Fuel, Mail Mastery and our eSourcing eSSentials classes. It’s completely custom to your needs. We can even help you make your email and job ads more inclusive. These bullets give you a starting point:

  • See all profiles on LinkedIn, first name, last name, full profiles.  It doesn’t matter how many connections you have or how much you pay– everyone will be visible, and there will be no more commercial search limits.
  • Find anyone’s contact information (email and phone number.)
  • Get into the sites of associations and conferences to see lists of their members, attendees and speakers.
  • Access thousands of corporate employee directories across North America.
  • Use ethical hacking of social media sites to find candidates in your industry.
  • Automate your search process and have new candidates and new business development opportunities delivered to your inbox with your morning coffee.
  • Workbooks and search string documents included for perfect recall material after every class.