Posting Perfection


If you’re like everyone else, you still post jobs and weed through the terrible results. You just threw out there what the hiring manager gave you, and that has come back to haunt you. Now you want to throw out the resumes. There is a better way. We can help you re-engineer your postings into something that gets a laser-guided response.

Now that this course is available On-Demand, you won’t get the same ability to have us work with you to build a better ad. Sure, you’ll see several examples of us doing it, but we decided that wasn’t enough. So we’ve stepped it up. Here’s what you get:

  • Recorded class
  • Recorded QA sessions
  • Workbook
  • HTML template

This HTML file will help you build and post the job ad on your own website. Since no two websites are exactly alike, you may have to tweak it some for the look you desire, but it’s like a DIY kit to get you started.


You are wasting so much time with the bottom of the barrel candidates applying to jobs they don’t fit. There’s one gem in a hundred, and you waste hours of time finding that diamond. We’ll help you get more quality from your postings, which translates into more deals. We all want more deals.

Engage the casual job seeker because they are compelled by your job description. Minimize the amount of dolphin trainers and music teachers responding to your engineering jobs. There is a right way to do this, and it’s not like everyone else.

Let us increase your quality and make job postings fun again. If you can spend less time and get better results that lead to placements, we call that fun.


Not every recruiter posts jobs. We respect that. If you never do, then you (logically) can skip this class. If you post jobs and your inbox is full of eager, qualified candidates, you can also get back to work because we have nothing to teach you. If you post jobs to any board, and can’t believe the garbage that fills your inbox, this class is for you.


Anytime. Posting Perfection is now available On-Demand. Watch it when you like.


On Demand. We’ve taught the class many times, but what we found was people asking if they could see it again or go through it again when they had more jobs to post. As of 2017, that’s no longer needed!

$500 one time for 12 months access

or $50 per month for one year

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