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Recruiter Reboot


If you want to improve your recruiting skills, this class is laser-focused to address only the concerns we hear most. While many of our clients put their new recruiters through this training, it was originally designed as a “reboot.” If you miss a key element from the point you have identified the prospective candidate to the closing on an offer – you lose the deal. It’s time to take your recruiting game to the next level.

You’ll get great recruiting scripts, and learn how to prep a candidate for success. In fact, after a month, at the end of the program you’ll:

  • Sound better to candidates. A poorly delivered script won’t engage a candidate. We’ll make you sound natural.
  • Leave honest voicemail messages with a high call-back ratio. Training this requires time with your instructors and your actual voicemail messages.
  • Learn the best order of an interview to best capitalize on your time. We all know how we should interview a candidate, but it’s so easy to cut corners when you need a lot of candidates in a short time-frame.
  • Manage expectations and relationships with your candidates. When there are defined expectations and communication protocols, everybody plays nicer in the sandbox.
  • Write candidate presentations that deliver sendouts. The right candidate presentation is the difference between and interview and a rejection. Hiring managers want certain information in a specific manner.
  • Learn the best way to prep a candidate. Candidates don’t interview for a living, but we do.
  • Get better and easier referrals. No more, “Who do you know that excels in their current role?” It doesn’t work.
  • Make the entire process better, and watch your production increase.


Recruiting is hard. The techniques you learned 20, 10 or even 5 years ago just don’t work anymore. Many of our students are using techniques developed in the 80s. Are you still driving a 30 year old car? Even a stunning 1987 Ferrari Testarossa loses between stoplights to a modern Subaru. While still delivering less fuel efficiency and more smog.

We live in a different era of candidates ignoring your calls and deleting your email. Of hiring managers having access to more candidates from more sources. Of great candidates not interviewing well. These are real issue that require real answers. We aren’t suggesting you change your entire recruiting methodology, only that you update the techniques that aren’t working. Trade in your old school skill set for the new model. That’s why we call it a reboot.


This program is for novices and masters alike. While training new recruiters is hard, training out bad habits can be more difficult. If you are a rookie, understanding best practices for the hard to address issues will set you off on the right foot. If you’ve been at this awhile, you will gain valuable tweaks that translate immediately to your bottom line.


October 2017 Recruiter Reboot
Recruiter Reboot Session One Tuesday 3-Oct 10AM 1PM Central
Recruiter Reboot PA One Friday 6-Oct 10AM 11AM Central
Recruiter Reboot Session Two Tuesday 10-Oct 10AM 1PM Central
Recruiter Reboot PA Two Friday 13-Oct 10AM 11AM Central
Recruiter Reboot Session Three Tuesday 17-Oct 10AM 1PM Central
Recruiter Reboot PA Three Friday 20-Oct 10AM 11AM Central
Recruiter Reboot Session Four Tuesday 24-Oct 10AM 1PM Central
Recruiter Reboot PA Four Friday 27-Oct 10AM 11AM Central


Online, through the proven WebEx system. We teach it live so you can ask questions in real time. QA addresses your real-time recruiting issues. We also use two trainers so you aren’t bored to tears listening to one person drone on. Because it’s only four hours a week, it can impact your bottom line without taking you away from your desk for days at a time.

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