We all have problems with our search strings. Sometimes you just don’t know where to start. (Actually, that’s the number one question of students at the end of training too.) Sometimes you mistype. And sometimes you just forget training. The great string you just wrote does not do what you needed. When we were running into those problems, we built a program to solve them for us. The Moore eSSistant, or as we call him- ECHO

How ECHO works:

One click on the eSSistant icon. Your default browser will open up, and more than a dozen search strings run. You then modify each string with what you need. (We copy and paste usually three or four words into each tab.) Hit enter and voila. Results. Hundreds of people from great websites.

Pricing is specific to your company and number of employees. We typically offer the eSSistant at $1600 per user, but it may vary based on other offerings you’ve purchased.

One more thing: When we modify a string or upgrade our personal copy of ECHO in any way, you have free updates throughout your first year.

Watch the demo below. Video will open in a new tab.