Jason is the very picture of the modern recruiter. He has no stories of making placements without a computer on his desk, with only a rolodex and a rotary phone. Instead, he has always surrounded himself with technology. At the age of five, he had a Commodore VIC 20 – these days he is just as cutting edge. All of this is partly to help with his goal: make the most amount of placements with the least amount of work.

A few years ago, something was slowing him down whenever he started a new search. He had all these tools to find people yet didn’t know where to begin. Had LinkedIn been over-fished? Was he better off starting with a niche site? Maybe he was overthinking it, but he was getting frustrated having to do this every single time he started a search.

Other times he was cruising along nicely, knew where to start, and then his strings didn’t return the expected results. How dare the internet not do his bidding! (Often, it was a typo in his base string, we blame small keyboards and big hands.)

These problems were annoying, but manageable, until he became part of a huge search contract. He was engaged to lead an aggressive hiring initiative of 1450 employees in a year with only a team of twelve sourcers. He literally couldn’t waste a minute deciding where to start.

At home after a long day, Jason was reading through the various (nerdy) websites he enjoys when not working. He read an article where someone built a program to open all of the sites tracking their metrics one click.

That’s when it hit him. He could build something similar that opened all my best base search strings. He would only need to add a little about the candidate I needed and paste it into each tab. If any didn’t work he had only invested seconds. That’s why he invented the eSSistant. Naming him ECHO is just one of those eccentricities we’ll forgive.

You need a little Boolean to make the eSSistant run, but it certainly means people can use it without taking eSSentials. That’s why we only offered it to past students. For a year after purchase whenever Jason upgrades my personal copy, he’ll upgrade yours as well.

Did we mention ECHO has a Twitter page? His goal isn’t to tell you about class or sell you things. He just hangs out being silly when he’s not running your searches.