Private Training

Private Training

Wow, this is a really nice conference room. But maybe we are just partial to the green tones. In any case, your training space doesn’t have to look like this one to have us train you.

Despite the fact that Private Training is our most expensive offering, it is also frequently chosen. Everyone wants a custom (house, car, wardrobe, everything) and this makes it possible. If you have a larger group, it even becomes cost competitive compared to training all of them in a standard class.

How it works:

We admit, training that is open to the public might be less engaging for your team. The best example for finding nurses in Tulsa may be tedious if you are looking for SharePoint architects in Tuscon. And a class which does not include Facebook training, but covers most of the rest of what you want, is useless if you are desperate to learn Facebook. This is why we offer customized Private Training.

We come to you or we train online to just your team. First though, we do an in-depth discovery with you, your leaders, and your future trainees. We need to understand what problems you are facing if we are going to help you craft a solution. Once we’ve agreed on a solution and training format we train you. Just you.

Maximum engagement, the most relevant material and a solution that you’ve selected. This is why people want to customize everything. Because you want it perfect.

Pricing starts at $30,000. It’s the equivalent of putting a whole team into eSSentials, but now built just for you. Call Tricia to get started –630.830.3000