Recruiter Placement

Recruiting quality people is hard. Jason and Tricia practice what they preach which is why the techniques are so powerful. Both run full desks, make placements, and constantly test the skills in their repertoire. Nothing is theory. All of it is derived from practical application.

With over 25 years in search and placement, combined with 5 years training recruiters, they can find and attract the right recruiters for your needs. They will take you through an exhaustive discovery process and learn exactly the type of person you need. Once they find them, and you hire, Jason and Tricia train them in the most progressive techniques in the industry. All as part of the service.

Whether you run an agency or a corporate recruiting department, having the right recruiters in place has a tremendous impact on the bottom line. This isn’t a cheap service. Jason and Tricia don’t charge a percentage of salary or even estimated earnings. Once they’ve completed discovery, they give you a flat fee for the hire. You pay $5000 to engage, another $5000 when they start, and the remainder of the fee at 90 days. They want you to realize the results before making the rest of the investment.

Sometimes people don’t work out. If a bad choice was made, cut them loose. You owe nothing more; Jason and Tricia will start over. If you want to replace them, they waive the $5000 engagement fee on the next one. No one¬†makes perfect hires all the time.

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