Imagine the perfect balance of Education and Entertainment. Just enough humor to keep you going and so much insight you are sad when it is over. Can you remember the last time you really enjoyed a speaker? Now imagine paying us for that balance and finding that it was a bargain in short order. It’s okay, you can stop imagining.

We have taught the highest earning association of Talent Acquisition Professionals on Earth. For multiple years in a row we have been keynote speakers and taught breakout sessions at the lead industry conferences. Multiple countries. Thousands of students.

We’ll also brag for a moment here. We haven’t ever had negative reviews from these. In fact, we are commonly listed in the top speakers by attendee reviews.

We travel all over the world to speak and train for conferences, trade shows and seminars.  As most conferences have an underlying theme, we match our content to what you need. Within limitations of course. There’s an annual convention for male fans of My Little Pony and we doubt we have anything that works for them.

Pricing typically starts at $5000, but there are many variables. How long are we teaching, who are we reaching, how much customization is required, is it Siberia in January? All these questions and more must be answered for a solid quote.

Call now to see if we are available for your event