Private Custom Training

Private Training

Custom Solutions For Your Needs

One Size Doesn’t Always Fit All

Buses are efficient ways of getting to your destination. For just a couple of bucks, you can get near where you are going with a few assumptions.

  • You don’t mind stopping at a few places along the way
  • You aren’t in any hurry to arrive
  • Where you are going is at least near a bus route
  • You don’t mind walking the last bit
  • Strangers in close proximity don’t bother you
  • Your schedule is adjustable to the whims of the bus line

But as soon as you decide some or all of those factors are important dealbreakers, you need something personalized. Something that’s just yours. At that point, you buy a car. Now you bring who you want, when you want, where you want, leaving and arriving on your whims.   Put another way, if we are training a sourcing class with twenty students, and one of them wants to know how to find nurses in Oklahoma, we make that stop. If someone else needs extra help saving a string, we make that stop. If it’s a sourcing class, and you need help with a script – we don’t make that stop. If class starts at noon, but you have a recurring meeting… well you’re missing something.   Private training addresses all of that. It starts with an in-depth discovery process so we can learn your needs. Some companies even ask us to do an audit on them. You may think you know what you need, but we can provide additional insight. That’s like stopping the car to ask for directions!   Private training can be delivered in a number of different ways, to your schedule, and gives you exactly what you need. And always Moore than you hoped for.   Contact Tricia today to learn more.

David McElhaney, President, GRN

“Tricia and Jason put on excellent classes and I utilize them for training new team members as well as our existing teams. I’ve purchased almost every program they offer and am always excited to learn about new innovative programs they develop.”

What’s in it for me?

As a result of this program, you’ll:

Have a new proven methodology for developing new business
Inherit new scripts and vocal techniques your clients will love
Stop dealing with terrible clients, learn to release or improve them
Learn confidence building techniques to close the clients you want
Get off the sales roller coaster of feast or famine
Watch your business skyrocket!

Wait! I still have questions.

Don’t worry. We have answers.

Do you ever teach this program live?
We do. One time each year. The next time will be Tuesday, September 18th at Noon Central for three hours. We’ll follow up with a single live QA session on Friday, September 21st at 2pm Central for one hour. The cost to take the program live is $500 per person, and doesn’t include any recordings or ongoing support. If you’re interested in registering for that program, click here.
How technical do I need to be to do this course?
Not technical at all. The variety of expected skills will depend on the custom training. The beauty of the ability to focus any training on your team’s exact needs
What follow up support will I receive?
It depends on how much you need, and what you request when you are first personalized the program.
Do I get access to all of it at once?
Usually not. Private training is almost always offered live, and typically through webinar. For an upgrade, you can gain recorded access – meaning future hires will have instant access
How long do I have access to the program, group and live QA sessions?
Again it depends on what you choose and pay for!
What if I have multiple people in my company. Can I train them all?
Gosh yes. It would be weird to purchase a training of this nature and not put your team through it.
Is this ethical? Are you hacking?
Even at huge fee based, super-secret private training, we won’t teach you to do anything illegal or unethical. Yeah, the money’s nice, but we’ve always felt we’re too pretty for jail.
Can I get a discount?
Absolutely. First, this program is usually a discount versus training your whole team separately. Plus, the more  add-ons you choose, the greater we can discount the total.