Purchase Instructions

businessman nervously facing an obstacle challenge on the brink

You are about to make a leap. Not an Armstrong on the moon jump, but still an important one for your career. There are a few questions you have about paying.

First among them is usually, “is my information secure?” Yes. We use PayPal and secure links to ensure you are safe to pay online. If you prefer a person to handle your processing we will do that too. If you’d like to send a check, we are absolutely happy to work with you there. You’re putting your trust in us and we want to make sure we have earned it.

PayPal won’t give us your students’ names. Not to worry, we will send a form out to you so we know who we’re teaching. It’s only fair, you know who we are at this point.

How to Pay

Some people prefer to pay to a real live person. Tricia is one of those people, and so we made sure you were taken care of if you are too. Selecting “My Information” will send you to a form that allows us to know who we are calling and how many we are setting up in class. Then we actually call and do your transaction live with you. This form is also what you use if you want to pay by check.

If you are more like Jason, we still have you covered. Click the Enroll Me button to be directed to your online dashboard. There you’ll be able to enroll yourself.

If you run into us on the street, we can run your credit card right there in some cases. Other times we are rushed, and may not be in the best position to process payments.