Sales Science

Sales Science

Use Psychology to Close More Deals.

Take Your Sales & Recruiting to the Next Level

The Down & Dirty (TL;DR)

Immediate Results. Learn techniques you can immediately put into practice

Time Investment. Three hours, one time. Fast and powerful.

Process. Have a new, proven methodology for developing new busines
Scripts. Learn exactly what to say and when to say it in order to get new clients
Premium Fees. Negotiate premium fees from clients that want to hire you
Consistency. Get off the sales roller coaster of feast or famine and have a regular stream of new clients

What is this program about?
You’ve been a recruiter for a while now, and it’s time to refine your communication skills. We’ll spend three hours and teach you twelve psychological phenomena that you can put into immediate practice. By the time class is over, you’ll have a solid understand of the principles, why they work and how to apply them to your recruiting desk.
You’ll learn how to implement Periphery Effect and Repetition into your recruiting and sales efforts to increase engagement. The application of Self Representation will get candidates and clients to call you back. Proximity effect will impact how you reach out, and Anchoring will show you how to price your services. Mirroring is something most are aware of, but most people do it incorrectly. We’ll share best practices for what not to do, and one small thing that will make a world of difference in negotiation. Use Consistency Bias, Framing and Priming to make your deals easier to close, and Reciprocity to get new clients and candidates to come to you.

Investment $500

Susan Leonard, Executive Recruiter

“I’m a big believer in training to stay up to date on industry trends, technology, and techniques, so I’ve received training from Moore eSSentials for several years. They are active recruiters and they stay ahead of the technology curve to find the best and most candidates. The Sales Science training was packed with practical day to day techniques, and also strategy to keep me focused in the longer term. I have 5 points posted on my desk to remind me daily to use them. We’ve also instituted a month end review of eSSentials training since we learn so much in all of their different classes. I highly recommend their training which has no fluff, but they certainly make it fun!”

What’s in it for me?

As a result of this program, you’ll:

Change the way you interview candidates
Learn additional questions to ask candidates and clients to increase your effectiveness
Have tangible new techniques for both recruiting and business development
Learn the first voicemail message to a passive candidate that has the highest return call ratio
Be able to dive into the personal lives of your candidates and clients to learn their values
Watch your business skyrocket!

I’m ready to do it all better!

Who should take Sales Science?

Every recruiter interested in getting better at their job.

Wait! I still have questions.

Don’t worry. We have answers.

When are you teaching this course live?

Sales Science will be taught live on Wednesday, November 28th at 11 am Central for three hours. If you’d like to register, please click here.

How technical do I need to be to do this course?
Not technical at all, though a basic understanding of science is nice.
Is there an overlap of this information with other courses?
Yes indeedy! Most of the interesting science in this course is information we’ve known for years and used in our business and training methodology. You’ll see about a 25% overlap with ideas we discuss in Client Cornucopia (though the reverse isn’t true.)
Will I actually be able to put any of this to use without beakers and a Bunsen burner?
Fair question, though it’s odd you went to Candidate Chemistry. That sounds like a class name we’d use. Anyway, every single scientific effect taught in this class includes tips on using it in your career.

Enthusiastic Love From Past Clients

Robbie SewellHealthcare Executive RecruiterSaddlebrook Associates

“Jason is a technical expert in sourcing and a philosophical/psychological ninja who translates human behavior into a recruitment methodology that disregards hackneyed sales techniques and defers to a more rational, enjoyable approach… You will profit greatly by being one of his students in any of the Moore programs.”

Al BornGeneral ManagerElectronic Search, Inc.

“Tricia has been invaluable in teaching me new techniques on how to become a better recruiter. Her method of teaching is refreshing and engaging. She definitely keeps you engaged during her training sessions. I would highly recommend her.”

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